5 Questions To Determine Whether You Need a New Website

by Technology 07 May 2021

You Need a New Website

A website is an essential part of building your business, and it can make a huge difference in how people view and interact with your company. You want your website to match your brand’s vibe and give the consumer an idea of what you’re all about.

Here are a few questions you should ask to determine whether you need a new website design for your company.

1. Does Your Website Have a High Bounce Rate?

bounce rate is a percentage that measures the number of people who check out one page of your website and stop there; in other words, the number of consumers who visit your site, decide “Eh, not for me,” and then exit.

If your website has a high bounce rate — around 70-90% — you might want to consider a new website design or redesign. A fresh look can help draw consumers in and lead them to click past your homepage.

2. Does Your Website Look Old?

2. Does Your Website Look Old?

In 2020, websites have largely embraced a sleek, modern look. Gone are the cluttered Geocities webpages of the late ’90s and early ’00s. Your website should be current and uncluttered. A website that looks outdated is an immediate turn-off to your customer, as it suggests that your products and services are as old as your website looks.

Updating your website to reflect how your brand has evolved with the world around it is important. Make sure you’re using modern color schemes and designs, leaving behind tacky rainbows or pixelated photos.

3. Is Your Website Navigation Confusing?

You want your website visitor to be able to get from point A to point B as easily and seamlessly as possible, and it’s your website’s job to enable this.

If your navigation menu is crowded and jumbled, with too many tabs or not enough, the customer will likely decide it’s not worth the effort and add another percentage to your bounce rate.

A new website design or redesign should include an improved navigation bar that makes surfing your website easy.

4. Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

4. Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

People are always on their phones nowadays — on the subway, in the grocery store, even as they’re crossing the street — and your website has to adapt to that reality.

Data shows that more than half of web traffic around the world can be attributed to mobile visits, which is why your website must be compatible with a mobile device.

But compatibility isn’t enough. Your website should load quickly and effortlessly on a mobile device, as most consumers are impatient, especially on their phones. Further, it should look good on the screen; a website that’s nice on the eyes will inevitably get more clicks.

5. Does Your Website Reflect Your Brand?

This is one of the most important factors for success. Your website has to reflect your brand: what you do, what you believe, what you’re all about.

Your website will likely be your consumers’ first impression of your company, so it’s important that what they see on the screen aligns with your brand’s vibe and your values.

For example, if you claim to be a leader in your industry, but your website looks like it could have been created in the 1900s, there will be some confusion and disconnect.

You need to create a website that demonstrates your message so that the consumer gets an idea of what and who they’re working with.

If you’re not bringing in the number of customers you want, your website might have something to do with it. Your website can help you sell, and should have the cutting edge design to match that of your product.

So ask yourself these questions and decide if redesigning your website is worth it. It probably is.

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