The Silent and Powerful Technology Transformation

by Technology 24 November 2020


Not too long ago, the standard list of back-to-school supplies included essential items like a variety of pencils, markers, and paper. Today, however, that list has changed drastically. The top items on everyone’s back-to-school list include laptop computers and other devices such as tablets and smartphones. This defining technology transformation is changing the way education and career development programs are accessed by students and delivered by the teachers. Online education has become the new norm and one of the standard delivery methods used by schools and colleges.

Amazing Technology


In the last ten years, the power and capability of computer technology have incrementally transformed both the teaching process and the way students gain access and learn new information. But more importantly, as we look toward the future, the next ten years promise to take us another quantum leap forward with new, amazing advances that defy our imagination. This powerful, fast-paced change process is transforming the entire fabric of education and career development.

Great Discount Programs

Many times, regardless of where you go to school, you can find great discount programs available for a variety of computers, devices, and accessories. Both students and faculty can find budget-friendly deals.

The Silent Takeover


It has been readily recognized within the business and entertainment world that computer technology has changed, and continues to transform, both the ways and means of human interaction. However, without the fanfare of cheering crowds, this same sophisticated technology has silently infiltrated and extended its influence into almost every classroom around the world.

Emerging Trends

A few months ago, Forbes published an article that outlines three major educational trends that are changing the workplace. One of these trends, on-demand learning, is re-shaping the way work and learning take place. There is a new generation of employees expecting to have educational opportunities readily available at their fingertips. They believe their successful job performance requires education and training while they work.

Your Career Development is a Lifelong Process

A recent article on career development suggests that while the initial selection procedure for your first job starts at an early age, the career development process continues through one’s entire span of employment. While starting your first job is important, it does not determine where you will work throughout your lifetime. In fact, most people will change their careers and jobs more than once. There are a number of factors that influence career opportunities, but one of the most significant is the education and training you complete in order to advance your employment opportunities.

The Lifelong Learning Journey

The old educational paradigms, structures, and planning assumptions of the Industrial Age are fast disappearing. The Information Age has created an entirely new context for education and career development opportunities. Today, the modern landscape for teaching and learning is rapidly evolving and starting to embrace the “anytime, anywhere, any individual” approach.

The Internet or Brick Buildings?


Gone are the days when you must go to a red brick school building at a designated time in order to listen to a lecture and learn new information. There is a powerful technology transformation underway, and it now allows unprecedented access and timely delivery of education for learners of all ages.

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