How To Promote Your Business With a Feather Banner Strategy

by Business Development Published on: 19 December 2020 Last Updated on: 01 January 2021

Feather Banner Strategy

During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, many American high schools had no choice but to forego their prom dance and graduation ceremonies for their senior classes. Given the importance of secondary school graduations as rites of passage, one Ohio community decided that their beloved Class of 2020 should be recognized and remembered despite the pandemic; to this effect, they chose the visual appeal of feather flags to celebrate the academic achievements of their students.

Each graduating student from the community of Enon, which is located not far from Dayton, was honored with a personalized feather banner posted at a local park. Each of the 105 colorful flags was personalized with photos of the students; some elected to be photographed with their pets while others chose to wear their baseball team uniforms. The banners were attached to streetlight poles, which already installed at a safe distance to prevent contagion. Over the Memorial Day weekend, students, teachers, parents, and members of the community took advantage of sunny weather to visit the parade of custom feather flags.

The high level of customization applied to the aforementioned Enon flags is part of what we do at Lush Banners, and we know from experience that this kind of signage can be extremely beneficial in terms of promoting your business.

The Appeal of Feather Banners 

A feather banner is a feather-shaped sign usually made with advanced and very durable polyester materials. These signs are printed with ink sublimation techniques that can display branding, messages, and logos on both sides of the fabric. The included attachments of feather flags make them easy to affix to poles, which in turn makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor displays.

There is a good chance you have seen a feather banner, which some people call a sail flag, at a trade show, stadium, or at a shopping center. Some of the most common uses of these signs include:

Open flags

Salon flags

Now Hiring flags

As previously indicated, feather banners are dynamic to the point that they have been used in lieu of a high school graduation ceremony. When your branding or marketing strategy requires repetition, sail flags are the way to go because they can be arranged in a “breadcrumb trail” fashion leading customers to specific sections of a store. Alternatively, exhibitors at trade shows often use a feather flag to make their booths stand out. Trade show attendees who follow maps to find a specific booth will be pleased to look up from their papers or smartphones and see a feather banner pointing them to the right spot.

Designing the Right Feather Flag for Your Promotion Strategy


While many of our customers are drawn to our pre-printed feather banner designs, custom feather flags are often chosen for highly specific and targeted promotion campaigns. A real estate agent, for example, can get a standard banner to indicate open house tours for a property, but a real estate brokerage will always prefer a custom design that includes logos and color schemes that reflect branding.

Thanks to the ink sublimation printing technique, customers can choose from a palette of vibrant colors, but we always recommend that you stick with the look of your brand; for example, Walmart is a prominent user of sail flags, and the backdrop color used is invariably medium blue, which is Pantone 286 C, and the font will always be white.

Not all of our customers are certain about the right design for their feather flag promotion strategy, and this is when we become more involved in the creative process. At Lush Banners, we truly enjoy providing free design services that include proven templates and aesthetic advice. One thing to keep in mind about this type of signage is that you do not want to go overboard with design; it is crucial to deliver a clear message without cluttering the banner, which is why many of our clients choose multiple flags instead.

Where Should Flags Be Placed?

Whether you intend to catch the attention of indoor or outdoor foot traffic, you will find sail banners to be perfect for your audience. Open flags, for example, can be arranged in a breadcrumb trail manner so that customers know they can walk into a store; this will come in handy once pandemic restrictions are gradually lifted in 2021. The same can be said about salon flags placed near the entrance because these are businesses that faced tough social distancing restrictions.

In the case of Now Hiring flags, they can be placed outdoors near the entrance of a commercial establishment; however, there are situations in which it makes sense to put them indoors. In a supermarket, for example, banners that indicate hiring intentions can be placed near the customer service desk so that job seekers can get information on how to apply.

The Bottom Line of Feather Banner Promotion Strategies

A feather flag is a highly visual piece of signage because it is able to engage prospects at their eye level. With the right size, design, and placement, these banners can be seen from several yards away, which is why you have probably seen them at auto dealerships. It is certainly interesting to observe how these signs, which are predominantly vertical in terms of display, are becoming preferred to the more traditional landscape orientation, which is horizontal. This probably has a lot to do with the advent of smartphones, which are mostly used in portrait mode.

You can’t go wrong with the visual appeal and the dynamic aspect of feather flag signs: They are lightweight, easy to store, and easy to install. Sail flags with decorative designs celebrating the holiday season have been increasingly used over the last few years; in fact, some synagogues have used banners depicting the menorah and each of its candles for Hanukkah. In the case of Christmas and New Year banners, they can be easily installed and put away.

When you are ready to start designing your feather banner promotion strategy, be sure to contact Lush Banners. We will always be happy to answer any questions related to our products, their design, and the ordering process.

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