How to Use the Best Promotional Products to Market Your Business

by Marketing 05 June 2018

Promotional Products

Ever thought of stepping away from a digital platform for a moment and considered using traditional, promotional items to market your business?

Using the best promotional products is one of the oldest forms of promoting businesses. Despite this, a lot of companies don’t use them and those who do fail to use them the right way, wasting precious money as a result. Doing it right means that you can enjoy the benefits these items offer into your marketing campaigns.

Promotional products are so popular that companies spend over $21 billion on them every year. No matter what size your company is, using these items is a good way to boost awareness and loyalty for your brand. This is especially important if you’re a small business who needs to get quick cash.

Here’s how you can use some business promotional items to make your business known:

Make a Theme and Central Message :

You need to ensure that your company has a central message when you’re distributing your promotional products. The theme you choose for your promotional items should reflect the purpose and message you’re trying to deliver. Using your company logo with the right promotional products can make it recognizable in an almost instantaneous manner to your audiences.

This way, your business can make a relevant and memorable impression. If your business gets this done the right way, it creates a positive response to the recipients and generates more leads for your company.

Use the Promotional Items With Your Employees :

When starting off with a promotional product campaign, you and your employees should be the first ones to market it. Get them to wear promotional items such as branded T-shirts as well as custom buttons when going to work. The reason behind this is that customers will have a more visible reminder of what you offer via the items your employees wear.

Customers will most likely ask more about the products and services you offer. If the product line you’re promoting includes something that people can use on a daily basis while at work, give it to them. Always remember to give more promotional products to your employees as part of your team-building events as well.

Give the Promotional Items to Your Customers :

No one dislikes getting free items–make the most out of it. After you make people more interested in your business with the use of branded promotional products at work, give the items to your customers. Some of the items you can give them include:

  • Jackets
  • T-shirts
  • Duffle bags
  • Custom stickers

To make the most out of the promotional products, make sure that you go beyond the people who show up at your business location. You can host giveaways on your social media page like Facebook, giving them free products if they like or share your page. Remember, Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, so it’s easier for you to reach your local audience.

People who receive your product could become great advocates for what your company offers. Aside from that, they can also become loyal customers who will choose your brand over anything else for the coming years.

Give Your Sales Team the Promotional Products :

Another means of putting your promotional items to good use is through your sales team. You can use it to motivate them by giving them a promotional product like a branded jacket if they reach a certain sales target that your company sets.

Doing this lets you accomplish two things at once. First, your sales representatives will work harder to market your company because they gain more from it. Second, the promotional items they’re wearing can become a means of advertising on their own as well.

Distribute Promotional Items at Events You Sponsor :

When you give promotional items, make sure to go beyond your employees and customers.

You need to reach out to your potential customers as well. So when you’re hosting events like picnics or PR events, make sure to distribute promotional items. This helps you leave a lasting impact on the people who receive it, possibly making them your customers sometime in the future.

What’s important is to give a good impression to people who never interacted with your business before. You never know when a person will need your services, so it’s important that you’re on their short list of priorities when their need arises. Make the most out of these sponsored events by showing your generosity.

Give Away Promotional Materials at Trade Fairs :

Sponsored events can give you a decent means of getting exposure for your company. It doesn’t compare to the exposure you get from trade fairs, however. So if you’re driving for more income, make sure to distribute as many promotional materials as you can during trade fairs.

Remember, these events can have an international audience that you can convert into your customer base. It’s a good way of expanding, so ensure that the important people attending the fair get at least a branded T-shirt or duffle bag. To make your campaign more effective, make sure that the items you’re handing out are of highest quality as you can afford.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your promotional products, especially at these events. This is a prime chance of making a good first impression to a possible international audience–don’t waste it with subpar promotional items. Products that break easily can discourage them from choosing your company for their needs.

Learn More About the Best Promotional Products Today!

Using promotional items as a means of marketing is an overlooked strategy by a lot of companies and entrepreneurs.

Most try to stick with the modern digital marketing techniques to make their businesses unknown. While the digital age makes these strategies more effective, the power of offline advertising techniques is here to stay.

Strike a good balance between giving promotional products and doing some digital marketing strategies such as SEO, social media marketing, and the like. If you do it right, you might even combine both and get the best out of both worlds.

Do you need to know more about advertising? Looking for more ways to use the best promotional products to your advantage? Visit us today and read our other guides, like the important factors you should consider before producing an online promotional video.

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