BannerBit Review: Is this a Legit Marketplace or a Scam?

by Marketing Published on: 22 August 2021 Last Updated on: 23 August 2021

Banner Bit Review

Perhaps you are already asking yourself the question: Is the Banner Bit Review system really the right investment system for you? Chances are you are contemplating investing in this system but need to find out if it is worth the time and the money. It makes me glad that you have landed here and on this post in particular because I have written this Banner Bit Review to let you know the truth about the platform and to make sure you take only an informed decision.

Guess you can’t wait to find out what it is all about? Okay, here we go…


Banner Bit System Review:

What Is the BannerBit Platform / Marketplace?

It is an online ad flipping platform by As per the authority, this online platform allows all the entrepreneurs to make some money by only selling and buying advertising.

It is basically a platform where people can profit from buying and selling banner ads. The software is easy to use as an investment system to earn money from home by flipping online advertising placements.

Well, I know it may sound a little strange. There is a high chance that whoever is in the field of online marketing has not heard about anything called “flipping ads” or “selling and buying advertising.” 

And as a result of this, the whole concept of BannerBit has created plenty of confusion in the minds of online marketers. The first question that comes to our mind is 

“Is bannerBit a legit marketplace or a scam?”

In order to find out the answer, we first have to know how bannerBit works.

How Does Banner Bit Work? – Banner Bit Review

The Banner Bit review wouldn’t be perfect without touching this fundamental aspect bordering on what the manufacturer aims to offer investors with this platform. I have always answered this in a very simple and clear enough way to understand. Although as an advertising marketplace, it has so many outstanding benefits to offer, here is a peep into how it works.

  • Earning Revenue

By purchasing a banner placement on the platform, every marketer stands the chance of earning revenue from each and every single click that the banner receives. This is possible as the platform has already created a unique way of owning a banner. This allows real-time trading between Banner Bit users via an intuitive user interface.

  • Earning Clicks

A marketer generates revenue when she/he purchases a particular banner placement, and it starts generating clicks. Such a marketer can then choose to sell the banner placement by setting a reserve price and a countdown time. This way, the banner is awarded to the highest bidder once the countdown timer runs out. Thus, the marketer can go and earn revenue from the clicks the banner receives.

  • Short-selling

Again, there is another great functionality of this investment system known as “Short-selling.” This is another smart way that this platform offers to enhance the marketer’s profit from declining banner prices.

To sum it up, is a fun and exciting platform that offers marketers extremely lucrative ways to participate in the online advertising ecosystem. With the system, the sky is just your starting point to make a side income as you are offered success regardless of the online investment community you find yourself in.

What Is Making BannerBit Look Suspicious?

I think that the whole concept of “ad flipping” seems flawed and it shows the red flag. But apart from this, there are some major factors that have led me to believe that BannerBit may be a scam.

1. This is not a Canada or USA-based company.

When you will land on the home page of Bannerbit, you will find contact numbers that are the USA and Canada-based numbers. We know that often, scams do not provide any numbers. So, you may feel a little assured here by seeing the numbers.

But in actual BannerBit is not based in Canada or the United States of America. The company actually operating from Cyprus and they are re-routing the calls through Canada or USA-based numbers. 

You can check the postal address of the company that is behind the name BannerBit, 

Volo Corporate Ltd.

Cheilonos, 2A, the Riverside Forum, Floor 2, 1101, Lefkosia, Cyprus.

2. The promotional video is full of lies.

You can go through the videos from the BannerBit promotional pages. There is a video where a person is saying that he has experience of more than 2 decades in this business or buying and selling ads online. He has also added that he has earned thousands of dollars with the help of BannerBit. 

You may think, so, what is the problem here? Well, the problem is the person in the video is actually an actor. He has been hired from a website called Fiverr. For privacy concerns, I am not able to share the details. If you want you can check the video and find the profile of the person. 

If BannerBit is saying that they are genuine, why they are hiring actors for promoting their brand by telling lies/ why can not they just include their existing genuine members’ experience on the promotional page. 

3. You must submit some confidential details.

You can easily sign up for the BannerBit website. All you need to do is register yourself with your name, phone number, email address, and need to create a password. But in case you want to withdraw this site asks for a lot of pieces of information that are enough to rob your bank account.

The list has

  • Your full home address.
  • Utility bill in order to prove the genuineness of your address.
  • A both-side scanned copy of your bank card, you wish to be deposited to. 

You might know that you never should share a scanned copy of your bank card online this way. And in case anyone is asking for it, there is a high chance that the person or organization is trying to scam you. 

Features of the Product in Banner Bit Review:

Here are some of the features that BannerBit has to offer you. 

  • It does not require any download or installation process.
  • It is compatible with almost every operating system, e.g., MAC, iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • 100% free flipping banners using the product software.

How Can Everyday People Benefit From BannerBit Review?

You are probably asking how you can benefit from the system. Well, this is simple as offers all-encompassing benefits to all people regardless of whether you are a marketer or not. The system is available to all to access. All you need to do is head over to their official website, create an account, place an initial deposit and start making money on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 How to withdraw money from Banner bit

Banner bit withdrawals are pretty easy. All you have to check is whether all the necessary information is there. You can also withdraw money from banner bit and deposit it straight into the bank account. Connect your bank account today with banner bit to complete the procedure. 

Q2. How To Buy Advertising Banner Bit

You can buy advertising banner bits through private marketplaces without a hassle. However, you may require paying few extra bucks.  

Q3. How To Make an 8-bit Youtube Banner 

In order to make an 8 bit Youtube banner bit, you can take the help of various templates and tools available online. For example, Placeit, Bannerbuzz, and Canva are ideal sites for producing customized 8-bit banners.   

Rounding Off:

Now what next, I guess you asked. I think you will want to make money on autopilot like everyone out there. But you still need a word of encouragement from me to take the plunge. My sincere advice to you:  Every adventure in life is not without one risk or another. And since there are users out there already who are satisfied with the result they got from using the system, you have every reason not to fear but give it a try. After all, you can also drop your review when you try it, and who knows how many people will benefit from that Banner Bit review.

Cheers to your investment success!!!

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