Positive Change – 5 Ways to Overhaul Your Business’s Marketing Strategy

by Business Planning 02 November 2018

Marketing Strategy

If anyone has ever told you that marketing is easy, they’re lying. Bad marketing may be easy, but nobody wants that. Good marketing requires researching, planning, designing, content creation, and audience optimization – and that’s before it even gets to see the light of day. So, what exactly goes into a good marketing strategy? Take a look at these five tips below:

Have a Plan:

Decide what your strategy is going to include before you even start planning. This is the part where you do your market research, define your target audience, and identify the best platforms to use. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to effectively market your business, this is the part where you call in an expert. There’s no point stumbling around in the dark hoping for the best when you could hire a web marketing agency in Melbourne to do the hard yards for you. Not only is it a waste of time to push an ineffective strategy, but it’s also a waste of money due to the revenue loss you’d suffer from not operating at your peak.

Be Present:

Do you even exist if you don’t have an online presence? The answer to that question could arguably be a resounding no in today’s society. Make sure you have a website and active social media accounts that are appropriate for your target audience. It’s pointless being on Facebook if you never post anything, and furthermore, no-one will take you seriously if you don’t respond to customer comments or reviews as they’ll think you don’t care about them.

Have a Community Focus:

In most cases, the locals are going to be your most significant client base, so make sure to reward them. Consider getting involved with community causes, sponsoring a local sports team, or even offering discounts for your regulars. It doesn’t matter how you get involved in the community, just make sure you do. Even businesses that have the ability (or necessity) to work with clients further away can benefit greatly from being involved in their local community as word of mouth is the best advertising you can get.

Tailor your Approach:

What works with Mrs Dawson down the street won’t necessarily work with Craig from Los Angeles or Joanne from Alabama. Get to know your customers and their needs, then deliver your product or service in a personalized fashion. With the ubiquity of social media in people’s lives these days, they’re probably going to write a post about you if they’re especially impressed (or unimpressed) with your work. This comes back to word of mouth being the best form of marketing – people are far more likely to listen to their peers than they are to believe a random ad they came across while scrolling down their Instagram feed.

Create Quality Content:

If the only information your business ever publishes is straight marketing collateral, you’re not using your platforms to their full potential. People want to see content that adds value to their lives, not just a 30-second video about when you’ll be selling the newest advancement in lawn mowing technology. Consider posting tutorials for your products, offering tips that align with your branding or even just sharing relevant content rather than constantly flooding people’s feeds with your latest brochure.

Overhauling your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be scary. Businesses do it all the time, and their profits and reputations improve as a result. Make sure you have an organized plan of attack, give everything 110% and know when to call in the cavalry if you must, and your new marketing strategy will be winning your clients before you finish your morning coffee.

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