Factory Upgrades To Think About in 2021

by Business Development Published on: 24 October 2020 Last Updated on: 25 November 2021

Factory Upgrades

Traditional supply chains and manufacturing ecosystems have changed permanently due to COVID-19, and if you haven’t kept up to date with Industry 4.0 technologies, now may be the perfect moment to do so. With so many worldwide changes happening in 2020, some of them are bound to ripple into technology and manufacturing even if they weren’t directly related to your factory’s production. Make sure your business changes with them as we move into the new year.

Factories need to ensure that they are frequently updating their infrastructure. This helps them improve efficiency, boost productivity and streamline performance. This is why some of the leading names from the world of manufacturing are not hesitant to invest in great products like a nordyne furnace. They know that such pieces of infrastructure will help them sustain production and operations and ensure long-term growth. In this article, we are going to look at three critical upgrades, factories and business owners should look to explore.



Technology has been rapidly changing the manufacturing industry for years. As low-skill tasks become increasingly automated, it’s important to keep up with the world’s ever-changing manufacturing landscape to stay competitive. As you’re looking to upgrade factory equipment in 2020, look no further than the cobot. A collaborative robot allows you to work safely side-by-side with machinery to increase the efficiency of repetitive tasks in your workspace. With customizable speed and safety settings, this type of robot gives you the freedom to do more with your collaborative workspace.

Cobots offer more control because you can teach the robot different programs. Once you install your new cobot, all the technician has to do is run it through the steps of its job. After the first time, the robot will be able to perform its task like it has years of experience. Plus, if a task involves repeatedly lifting heavy objects, this will save your employees’ backs and cut down on workplace injuries.

Consider FANUC cobots for your next collaborative robot project since they offer more payload and reach options than competing cobot brands. In addition, FANUC cobots have touch-sensitive technology that automatically stops the robots from moving whenever they make contact with another object. These incredible features unique to FANUC collaborative robots allow for more possibilities in your workplace and have the potential to revolutionize how you do business.

Equipment Upgrades


The equipment you use for your business should be powerful, reliable, and safe. Don’t just think about the equipment you need to make any products you sell, keep in mind the equipment that makes your building actually run as well. Every building needs proper plumbing and heating systems in place. It’s 2020, so it’s probably time to replace that old radiator system with a furnace and your old gas boilers with electric ones. Install a top-notch HVAC system today to give you peace of mind for years to come.

Search “boiler repair near me” to find the best HVAC and boiler repair company in your area. Find a company that does it all: boiler supply, boiler installation, and boiler repair. That way you can ensure that you’ll get the most reliable customer service from a repair technician with decades of experience working on your specific hot water boilers. Any water heater or boiler system is going to require regular maintenance over the years, so if you haven’t needed any boiler repairs in the past decade, it may be time for a routine inspection.

No More Uniforms


Requiring that all your employees wear the same clothing is a thing of the past. In the midst of the WFH revolution of 2020, many employers and employees alike have wondered whether they’d ever go back to wearing ‘work clothes.’ While wearing a uniform may make you feel like part of a team, it can also make you feel that your unique contribution isn’t important. Increase a sense of personal responsibility in the workplace by allowing employees to wear t-shirts, tunics, or even jackets that show off their personality.

Pumping your building full of freezing cold air conditioning is no longer necessary since your staff is no longer wearing suits and your cobots are doing all the heavy lifting anyway. Keep your building at a moderate temperature, and allow your staff members to wear long-sleeve tunics or short-sleeve t-shirts as they please.

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