Top Promotional Marketing Trend of 2019

by Marketing Published on: 22 August 2019 Last Updated on: 18 March 2020

Promotional items are an effective way to build brand awareness by giving clients and customers tangible reminders of your brand. Although you can’t go wrong with timeless promos like branded pens and tote bags, sometimes you want to leave a lasting impression with a trendy gift. That’s why it’s important to stay up to date with the latest in promotional swag, especially if branded giveaways are an integral part of your marketing campaign.
This year’s biggest trend in tech accessories. From power banks to speakers to pop sockets, companies have been slapping a logo on every gadget and device accessory they can get their hands on. As Scott Kalapos of SmallBizDaily has confirmed, “This year, it’s promotional mobile device products that are reigning supreme.” So if you’re looking for trendy swag, look no further than the screen you’re using to read this article.

Modern Mobility

The key to promotional marketing is finding items that suit modern needs and go wherever users go. In the digital age, no products fit this definition better than digital accessories. If it relates to or attaches to a smartphone, it’s sure to go wherever the phone and its owner go.
Many marketers have caught onto this trend, contributing to the rising popularity of branded mobile phone peripherals. Peripherals refer to accessories and attachments for cell phones. They include stickers and cases that go on the phone itself as well as chargers and headphones that attach to the phone.
No matter its function or fashion, the idea is the same. Since we look at our phone screens numerous times throughout the day, anything attached to the phone also receives considerable visibility — even if it’s just in the peripheries.

Public Exposure

Public Exposure

Mobile accessories are also highly visible to the public. People take their phones everywhere they go, showing off branded mobile accessories in the process.
This is great news for companies. They receive free advertising every time someone carries their promotional product around in public. Branded device accessories expose new customers to their brand at no extra cost. It’s like an on-the-go referral program.

Multigenerational Reach

While the exact product a company chooses will depend on its target audience, mobile accessories as a whole reach most generations. It’s not just younger markets that love their tech. A majority of adults, as well, own smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and they are just as excited to own the latest gadgets like power banks and PopSockets.
As a result, branded tech accessories are one of the most intergenerational promotional gifts. Mobile friendly promos span nearly four generations!

Optimizing Promotional Tech Items

While nearly everyone loves logoed accessories, consumers and clients are less enthused by pointless and easily breakable gadgets. For a tech promotion that helps rather than hurts your marketing campaign, consider these factors.


No matter how cool a certain techy promo might seem, it won’t accomplish your marketing goals if it’s not useful. While an underwater tablet cover or light up headphones might seem creative, how often do people actually take baths with their tablets or want two disco balls on the sides of their head? Rarely.
The utility factor should always trump the “cool” factor. For example, phone credit card pockets and flash drives are simple yet functional. They are also easy to add an eye-catching logo to. Sometimes it’s better to get creative with the branding and keep the product straightforward.


One way to maximize the utility of a branded gift is to choose one with multiple functions. There’s a general consumer trend towards minimalism and downsizing, so recipients will appreciate items that can multitask. Take microfiber screen cleaning stickers, for example. They accessorize the phone yet can be detached to clean the phone’s screen from grime and fingerprints. A screen cleaning sticker is a small, simple item, but it’s effective and useful. Plus, it’s easy to add a brand name, logo, and unique design to it.


Quality is important when it comes to tech-related giveaways because it can affect the perception of the brand. If you give out charger banks that stop working after one use, it a) signals that your brand is also low quality and b) defeats the purpose of a giveaway since it can’t be used any longer.
Prioritize choosing a high-quality item rather than a fancy item. If you don’t have the promotional marketing budget to be giving out durable headphones, choose a different item instead of sacrificing quality. There are plenty of durable and affordable options such as branded microfiber cloths and attachable credit cardholders. Not every promo has to have a cord to be impressive.

Branded tech accessories have made it big this year, and it’s easy to see why. People never take their eyes off of their screens, so putting your brand logo right in the line of their vision with a tech accessory seems like a no brainer. It’s been the biggest promo trend of 2019. But have no fear. The trend is expected to continue for at least the next five years, so there’s still time to strategize your mobile real estate plan.

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