3 Mobile App Trends Set to Explode in 2019

by Technology 06 February 2019

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More than ever, we are a generation defined by our technological advances. The world of the mobile app is ever-changing, and our reliance on navigation apps, our desire to command the world around us with our smartphones, and our need for faster and more reliable connectivity mean that each year we demand more from our technology. And 2019 promises to be another milestone year in the world of mobile apps and those who use them to conduct business. Consider the following developments that are set to herald a brave new world in 2019.

5G Is Scaling in a Big Way:

Wireless technology’s fifth generation is powering up fast. Companies are ditching Wi-Fi for 5G, which promises to shorten transmission latencies from over 30 milliseconds down to just a single millisecond, which means we will be looking at effectively instantaneous connectivity to our network devices. Unlike with Wi-Fi, a private 5G network can prioritize certain data transmissions and de-prioritize others.

5GWhile this means that heavy manufacturing companies and utilities can use the Internet of Things to their advantage, bringing more automation to core processes, it also signals a rise in the use of mobile apps to accomplish basic day-to-day tasks. Any company hoping to capitalize on the ubiquity of the smartphone app should keep in mind that 5G scaling is going to be a major trend in 2019.

Location-Based Services:

Using GPS to pinpoint a mobile user’s location, location-based tech works in conjunction with digital advertising and re-marketing initiatives to reach nearby consumers. And of course, reaching consumers on their phones and giving them access to services and products a hop, skip, and jump away is endlessly attractive to businesses.

Without a doubt, location-based technology is a major advantage for today’s marketer. Location-based technology is present in a variety of apps, so if your business wants to get in on the action, make sure your app developer has a strong portfolio and experience working within this tech market.

Due diligence means understanding whether or not your app developer brings user behaviour-related insights to the design process and uses analytics to best understand the market you’re trying to influence. Visit Guaraná Technologies to learn more about what a lean, democratized app development team can do for your location-based app.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Obviously, artificial intelligence — or AI — has received a great deal of buzz in recent years, but in 2019 it will continue to be a trend to keep an eye because how it ultimately affects how we live, play, and work is still in its earliest stages.

AI has been here since 1956, but only in the last 10 years has it truly become mainstream. In fact, five out of six Americans use some form of AI services in their everyday lives, from navigation apps to streaming services, to personal digital assistants, to ridesharing apps, and plenty of other services.

On top of its consumer uses, AI is also used to assess business risk, schedule trains, and improve energy efficiency. If you are thinking of developing an app in any of these niche areas, make sure your design team understands how important AI and AI development will be 2019.

If you’re looking to release a killer app this year, be sure you’re following these trends, and also be sure that your mobile app development team is too!

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