Why Mobile Apps are a Must for Your Small Business

by Small Business 14 August 2018

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are a necessity for many businesses, regardless of their size, market, and industry. The website is not enough for small businesses these days; a mobile app can help increase your business’ sales and create a more responsive customer service.


Developing your mobile app or hiring an app expert to develop one for you, will be able to increase your reach to all the people who use their own mobile devices as their preferred gadget to surf the internet. Here are some reasons why you should start producing a mobile app for your business.

Promote your business with the mobile crowd:

Even though a website is utilized as a one-stop shop for promoting your products and services to your visitors, mobile users nowadays are increasing in number. These mobile users are accessing the internet on their tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.


Websites might not be viewed well on some smartphones, so it is very recommendable to develop an app for it. All kinds of products and services can be showcased and sold on your business’ mobile app. Making a mobile app and promoting it to your users is a big advantage for your business because it reaches a wider audience, the mobile users, who sometimes cannot be tapped by a website.

Earn with your app:

After your app has been developed, you may consider making money from it by using different app monetizing techniques accessible to you, such as in-app advertising. Even if you do not want to generate money from the app, the traffic generated by new customers and clients should compensate for the cost of the app.


A lot of small businesses avoid allocating money for developing a mobile app because they think that the costs of app development would negatively affect their sales. It is true that mobile app development is an expensive project, but you can avoid all the unnecessary expenditures. You can go for a basic structured app without the irrelevant frills. Also, the planning of time can help in reducing the cost.

Lastly, you can design your logo, find images, and write content for the app. After this, you can Hire Android app developer to make your app.

Reach more customers:

A mobile app can reach more set of online users than the usual website. Mobile search is popular and accessible, especially with the younger age groups. While your loyal and satisfied customers are spreading the word about your business to their friends or family, you can still fish new visitors to your app via organic search. Make sure to integrate your social networking sites with your app to broaden your audience scope and reach of your business.

Showcase your products and services:

You can use your app as a virtual store where you may display all your products and services for an instant and one-stop access experience.


Remember to keep updating your app, regularly post content, and feature different products frequently. Your app can also offer and announce exclusive sales and discounts for first-time customers, or when they recruited a friend to buy from you. Utilizing these strategies can attract more and more customers to try your app on their own mobile devices.

Partner with other services:

Forging partnerships with other businesses can bring more customers to you. Just make sure that the companies you pick are successful and established in their industries. You could also make a list of other companies locally and partner up with them to create a mobile ad exchange program. This project can benefit all companies involved here and lead to increased sales for all.

Add a mobile-friendly website:

If your company is still not interested in the idea of developing a mobile app, you should at the very least consider improving your website into a mobile-friendly one. You can hire a web designer to upgrade your website to have a mobile-friendly interface in its traditional state. Having a mobile-friendly website can help in engaging mobile users to give them a satisfying experience while scrolling through your site, even converting those users into one of your contented customers in the future. You may also make your website mobile-friendly even if you have an existing mobile app for your business. This increases the chances to reach more visitors in your business; there are no disadvantages in executing many strategies to create a bigger pool of audience.


With the presented reasons, we are sure you’re convinced or at least consider creating a mobile app for your business. Along with these points, you should also consider the right timing and plan for increased chances of building and expand your business’ potential for growth.


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Author Bio: Kenneth Sytian is a website developer in the Philippines and the Owner and CEO of Sytian Productions. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is the driving force behind the company and an influencer in the industry of web design and development in the Philippines.


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