5 Tips for Saving Money on Conference Calling

by Technology 30 January 2019

Conference Calling

In the current business world, conference calls have proven to be very essential, thanks to the advancement in technology. It saves people the need to travel to different places attending business meetings – which can be more expensive and may not always be convenient.

With conference calling, you’ll only need to have a good Internet connection and an efficient device – laptop or phone. However, this technique can be expensive, especially when you don’t know how to effectively keep your expenses under control. Luckily, we’ve prepared a list of five useful saving tips just for you. Please read on.

1. Consider the Free Platforms:

When it comes to saving money on conference calls, free software or one that you’ll spend surprisingly less money for quality services can be the best option. Luckily, there are several platforms where you can enjoy an instant conference call and other amazing and quality services without spending a penny. Having the right software will enable you to save a lot and at the same time improve your productivity.

2. Set Your Own Limits:

This is a key factor in keeping your expenses under control. Without a limit, you might not be able to know when to end the call, and this might mean spending more unnecessarily. The limit helps you evaluate your progress and to avoid taking longer than expected hence spending more. It also ensures everyone is attended to within the time frame hence enhancing more productivity in your business. Therefore, ensure to set reasonable limits to help you save significantly.

3. Make Them Short and Precise:

Unnecessary talks can cause an avoidable dent to your finances especially when attending conference calls for business. It’s very key to ensure the calls are short and to the point. Too much explanation can complicate the whole thing and might force you to explain over and over to clear the possible misunderstandings. This will make you spend more on the calls especially if you’ll be making them on a regular basis.

4. Embrace Punctuality:

You schedule a meeting to be at eight in the morning. And a quarter past the time, everyone else but you will be connected. This will mean extending the meeting by 15 minutes to cover for the wasted time. And the extended time comes with a cost. If you want to keep your expenses under control, ensure to avoid any scope for waiting. Ensure the meeting starts and ends as scheduled to avoid frustration and increasing the bill. Advise your moderator to dial a little earlier and to ensure everything is well arranged, ready for the meeting.

5. Prepare Your Agenda Ahead:

Perhaps you would want to start the conference discussing your agenda. Not only will this waste you a lot of time but it means incurring more costs. Which will be far from your objective. Setting your agenda prior to the call is very essential. It will ensure the instant beginning of the meeting once all of you are connected. Remember, the time you’ll spend discussing over the agenda is the valuable time you should be attending to other important projects for your business.


As conference call services continue to grow, getting the best out of the technology while saving on unnecessary expenses is very important. These tips are vital to guiding you through to control your expenses every time you use the services. It’s also important to have a platform that meets your needs at the same time meeting your personal and business needs. Good luck!

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