How does Mobile Apps Impact The Enterprise Sector

by Technology 24 July 2018

Mobile Apps

The present-day organization setup is a lot different from what used to be the scenario a decade ago. What was once a 9 to 5 desk job has now become a 14 – 18 hours remote jobs. Gone are those days when everyone across teams used to be glued to their seats forever, now the employees, along with their devices, operate from across a range of different locations of their choice.


The element that has enabled this switch from the traditional workplace system to the present day modern, remote workplace architecture is Mobile. Ever since the advent of mobile apps businesses no more relies on the working hours to be available to the world, they have moved on to becoming a 24*7 entity.


As for the employees, Enterprise Mobile Apps have introduced mobility in the rooted industry, thus allowing employees to remain unconfined and still be present and productive.


There are a number of benefits that come associated with the combination of enterprise and mobility. Let us look at the five main benefits that your business will be able to avail if you choose to take the mobility route.


Here they are –

Benefits of Creating Enterprise Apps on Your Business

1. Enables Bringing All the Documents on Cloud for Real-Time Access :

With the help of enterprise mobile apps, teams are able to store their data in the cloud, which they can view and fetch from any geographical location, anytime. This eliminates the need to wait for establishing a connection between the in-house team when your other employee is on site.

2. Elevates Customer Experience :

Enterprise apps give businesses the opportunity to be available for attending to their customers beyond the regular office hours, which makes it possible for the team to listen to their customers and solve their queries, which in turns elevates the customer experience to a huge extent.

3. Reduction in the Overhead Charges :

When businesses move their processes on mobile or cloud, the indirect costs like – telephone bills of calls made to get the information or the paper purchase charges – are reduced to a great extent, which ultimately gets added in the company’s P&L statement.

4. Real-Time Analytics

There are a number of enterprise apps that come powered with Machine Learning technology that is able to analyze the data that is entered by the app users and convert it into analytics.


Using an enterprise app based on this concept enables businesses to analyze their processes and get a clearer picture of the grey area, which ultimately leads to faster decision making.

5. Prepares a Business to be Open to Changes :

Enterprise Apps give businesses a set of analysis that enables them to be proactive and work on issues that they see the signs of. Also, with the insights now readily available with the businesses, the speed at which they adopt new processes or expand their business gets expedited.


While these are just five benefits, the pros side of the list of whether a business should invest in an Enterprise App Development Company is much higher than the cons side.


There are a number of ways through which Enterprise apps can not just better the employee productivity but also make businesses agiler.


Know of any business that witnessed a transformation after adopting Enterprise Mobile Apps? Let us know in the comments below


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