Mechanics Today Are Just Different In Important Ways

by Small Business 10 February 2023


In the world of auto repair, there’s an idea in the public imagination of a guy looking under the hood, or even under the car itself, using classic tools and old-fashioned know-how to get the vehicle running again. Yes, experienced mechanics learn a lot over the years about their craft, and this knowledge gets passed down and continues to play a crucial role.

But today, cars are different, and things have changed in the body shop, too. Let’s check out what’s different to fully appreciate the job contemporary mechanics do.

All Repairs for All Vehicles

All Repairs for All Vehicles

Leading body shops like AutoOne Service can handle every repair, no matter how big or small, for every type of vehicle. The range of vehicles they fix includes vintage and modern cars with technology that didn’t exist even just a few years ago.

If a Lamborghini owner trusts a mechanic to fix their rare, luxury vehicle, that’s a great sign that they’re an expert. If the same mechanic also repairs modern hybrid and electric vehicles, that’s even better. The latter requires modern equipment for things like electric battery testing, which goes far beyond what an expert mechanic can do with a wrench.

Custom Exhausts

Custom Exhausts

Leading body shops go beyond repairs to do extensive custom work on vehicles, including exhaust systems and mufflers. Environmental controls on modern vehicles make today’s exhaust systems more complex than those common decades ago.

No longer are the components simple and disposable. Today, sophisticated muffler parts increase a vehicle’s horsepower and torque, improving the driving experience. Problems with your exhaust system force the car to work harder and may lead to unusual sounds, excessive noise, and funny smells.

Ensuring your exhaust system is tuned up properly fixes these problems and helps your vehicle run at its best. Between the snow and salt on Canadian roads in winter and dirt and stones throughout the season, the elements can be rough on your exhaust system.

Bring it to a modern expert to maximize your car’s drivability.

Digital Booking

Digital Booking

For many people worldwide, their lives run through their phones. They use them to get information, stay connected to people, make purchases, and do countless more things.

Today’s mechanics make booking an appointment through a computer or phone simple. All you need to do is provide some basic contact information and describe your vehicle and what’s wrong with it.

Then, let them know whether you’d like to wait at the garage until the repair is complete or leave it overnight. There’s no need to drive around town looking for a suitable body shop. Make an appointment at your convenience from wherever you are, at any time.

People rely on their vehicles to get to work, visit friends, attend appointments, and so much more. As the importance of automobiles has increased, their technology has evolved to improve performance and be more environmentally friendly. There’s a lot to admire about old-school mechanics and the way they work, but you need to bring modern vehicles to somebody with updated knowledge and equipment.

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