10 Auto Repair Marketing Ideas For Your Shop

by Automotive 05 May 2018


All businesses need exposure and customer engagement. You might be an amazing technician, but without the right tools, it’s going to get increasingly more difficult to attract customers to your physical location.

So, if you’re later to the internet scene or your online presence could use a facelift, it’s time to improve your shop’s marketing plans and start generating more business. Here are some auto repair marketing tips to get your business on the move.

1. Auto Repair Marketing 101–Know Your Customers :

Who is your target audience?

As an automotive shop, you could say that it’s anyone who has car trouble, but it pays to fine tune. Auto repair companies should dive deeper–know who you want to attract–harried moms, gearheads, people with little knowledge about cars?

Knowing these personas makes it easier to choose the right tone for ads, social media, and your web content.

Do you offer any specialty services–like customizations or are you focused on getting the family automobile up and running ASAP? Additionally, if you specialize in BMW service, you might have a completely different audience altogether.

2. Hang Out Where Your Customers Are :

Social media channels are one of the best ways to connect with the local community. Unless your target audience is a group of car enthusiasts, most people are intimidated by the automotive space.

Social media channels can help you demystify the automotive space and put an approachable face forward to your audience.

Use Facebook to run campaigns that focus on a particular service. For example, May might be oil change month, and June could promote getting your brakes checked or your tires rotated.

Post useful information people can use–i.e., how to change your oil, jump a car, and other basic car care tips. Additionally, you can use this space to answer questions people have about cars.

3. Be an Educator :

Operating a blog for your business has become something of a standard. While it may be hard to find the time to keep up a regular blog, it can pay off. For one, having more content on your site gives Google more opportunities to index your content.

Second, your blog functions as a way to give customers a peek behind the curtain. Like Facebook, your website can be home to a wealth of car advice–updated on a weekly (at minimum) basis.

Car info is pretty intimidating for many of your customers and bringing a plain language, approachable voice to complex topics can go a long way in helping you attract and retain customers.

Finally, if you’re producing good content, you’ll get some subscribers. This allows you to push out service reminders and offer promotions alongside your content.

4. Gather Reviews :

Ask those customers for feedback. Service-based businesses especially can benefit from the fact that customers check out Google, Facebook, and Yelp establish whether you’ve got what they’re looking for.

When customers come in, encourage them to leave their feedback online–offer a discounted oil change or 15% off their next service as an incentive.

Reviews on these sites function as digital word-of-mouth. For example, if you look at a particular shop on a Facebook page and see a few check-ins by people in your network, you may feel more inclined to trust that business over one that’s completely unfamiliar.

Of course, the best thing you can do to ensure positive reviews is to deliver top-notch service. Know that every time you go out of your way to be kind and helpful to others, you’re boosting your marketing efforts.

5. Lean into Local SEO :

If you have a local business, and you’re trying to gain website visitors or more foot traffic, then one of the best tools you can use is Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free Google service that allows businesses to claim a free listing so potential customers can find you on Google Maps or in the search results.

When doing local SEO for automotive shops, you’ll need to find the right keywords. Keywords should be in part location-based and part a reflection of your service: “car repair services in Orlando,” etc.

Draw in the people looking for specific services, as well as those looking for “car repair near me.”

6. Don’t Discount the Power of Reminders :

Auto repair shops have long used those windshield stickers to remind customers to make their next appointment. But, incorporating digital reminders may be more impactful. Send a text, an email, or a social media message instead.

Service reminders might include a discount coupon for a routine service or a way to book an appointment without having to get on the phone.

It’s a gentle approach to automotive marketing. Customers feel like they’re getting a well-meaning reminder to get their oil changed.

7. Build an Email Newsletter :

Email newsletters are a great way to ensure that your customers remember you when it comes time for their next service. But, a newsletter that simply pushes out discounts doesn’t entertain your audience or provide any meaningful value

Instead of offering another promo, write a monthly or biweekly newsletter that covers car related topics. Compile a list of the best podcasts for your next road trip. Weigh in on innovations in the auto space. Share some tips on how to stay safe on the road. There are countless options– make that human connection.

8. Invest in a CRM :

There are tons of CRMs out there, many geared toward the auto industry. CRMs can help you keep track data that can be used to get customers in the door.

For example, you can automate service reminders, offer discounts, and keep records of services performed for each car that rolls through your garage.

9. Replace the Junk Mail with Social Discounts :

If you’ve been sending a lot of direct mail, you may want to rethink your budget. While you might think that a discount is just a discount, people don’t love getting a bunch of promotional mail.

Spend your mailer money on Facebook and Google ads. If you’re spending a lot on direct mail offering discounts, taking things into the digital age could yield a better ROI.

Try targeted Facebook ads, which allows you to promote your ad to specific demographics like location, age, income, and more. Or try Google AdWords, which will promote your website to searchers looking for specific keywords.

10. Make Sure Your Website Looks Nice :

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you’ve put together a website that looks good. Often automotive companies don’t pay attention to the ins and outs of their sites. Make sure your site is easy to read, is error-free, and presents a clear navigation structure.

Additionally, since you’re promoting an in-person service, your contact and booking information must be front and center.

Want More Ways to Grow Your Business?

Auto repair marketing is becoming non-negotiable. Though automotive shops are an in-person service, it’s going to cost you some business if you ignore the online space.

Sure, you can drop tons of money on direct mail or TV and radio ad spots, but investing a little time in building an online presence helps you attract customers and build some loyalty along the way.

If you’re looking for insights to inspire your automotive repair business plan or just want the latest news on sales, marketing, and more, check out the Real Wealth Business blog.

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