How To Start An Auto Repair Business? – Best Guide Of 2022

by Starting a Business 24 March 2022

Auto repair

Machines need repairing. This is the hardcore reality. If someone says you are buying a good machine, you do not have to invest in repairs. These are not valid words. Some of the excellent quality machines need late repairs. But it is required. Car repairs are like this. Owning a vehicle is easy. But maintenance of the cars is much more demanding. This is the reason if you like to open an auto repair shop. Then that would be a very nice business for you. Only you have to be pretty passionate about the cars, car parts, and auto repair procedures.

Passionate over car mechanisms? Then this business will be very profitable for you.

Let’s see first ‘What Is An Auto Repair Store’? And what are the functions of an auto repairing store?

What Is The Auto Repair Shop?

What Is The Auto Repair Shop

The simple definition for an auto repair store is a store where the motor vehicles are repaired and serviced. Else you also can call it a garage with repairing and servicing facilities. The automatic glass window repairing, painting, and engine fixing everything are done here with the help of skilled professional mechanics.

Now have a look at the few easy processes of starting an auto repair shop.

How To Start An Auto Repair Shop?

Are you a start-up in the business world? Then the auto repairing shops are going to be the best pick for you. But before starting your business, you have to keep some factors in your mind. Those are the prices of the auto repair equipment and your location. These two are the essential part of the auto repair store business and budget planning.

Here are the four steps for starting your Auto repair shop.

1. Budgeting And Business Plan:

Budgeting And Business Plan

A clear business plan is always required for any enterprise. You have to develop a business plan which defines the scope of the business operation. You have to evolute some of the factors first like how many of the customers you can handle in a single day. 

How much staffing you are going to require. You have two ways to start your business. One is you can buy an existing auto repair shop. Or start a business from the gash. But getting a franchise business is always better. You are already getting your business names. Maybe the initial fees are pretty high. But this fee is worth spending on.

2. Location Of The Store:

Location Of The Store

Your Auto repair shop location selections are pretty crucial for your business. What are your best store locations? The strategic sites are always best for the Auto repair stores. You have to find a business place near the highways. Hence, most customers are searching for ‘auto repair’ near me to find repair shops near the roads.

You can start your business also from your home locations. If you have shaded areas and garages, you can start your business there. But keep some things in your mind. Like you will need a good location for doing the repairs.

3. Services:


Services and finances are both very important for doing business planning. For example, auto glass repair services and tire changing processes are two standard auto repairing services. And based on your preferred services you have to buy the equipment. And all are linked with your finches. So the best solutions are to note down the auto repair services. Then start to buy the equipment.

Most banks are giving loans to small businesses. If you have a good credit record, you can take the loan quickly. However, you have to hire a car technician based on your services.

Here are some standard auto repair car services.

  1. Regular car maintenance and fuel change
  2. Car Body dent repairs 
  3. Wheel change
  4. Brake repairing along with the engine service
  5. Repairing the clutch and suspension system
  6. AC diagnostics and other services.
  7. Automatic car washing and cleaning system

4. Mechanical Part:

Mechanical Part

The new generation’s cars are intelligent and AI-powered. So when you are thinking of starting a business, you have to know what are your positive points. It means you are passionate about cars. But you are not aware of the modern mechanism, especially the auto systems. This is a big drawback. This is the reason when you are starting your Auto repair store. 

You have to be well aware of the modern-day car functions and mechanisms. Unless you do not have that much-repairing knowledge, you can not repair the different types of cars.

Now 90% of people know how to sue auto repair shops. And this is sure that you do not want to face court for minor issues and mechanical fault.

5. Hiring Process:

Hiring Process

The following four points are the easiest ways to start an auto repair store. Before starting your business, create a business plan. And make contact with experienced car mechanics. The clever ideas for starting your business are effortless. Know your limitations. 

This means everyone does not know everything. So first, know what types of repairs you do not know. Then hire the human resources for the extra services and support.

Here are some easy steps for a smooth hiring process.

  1. Always preferred skilled mechanics.
  2. Short the candidate list based on the skills and year of experience.
  3. Prefer the candidates who are near your business place.

6. Advertisement:


For auto repair stores, online advertisements are very effective. At roadside auto repairing stores, 70% of customers are travellers. So how to show your business locations to every traveller and car owner? For any auto repair store advertisement online and offline, both work in a very profitable manner.

Here are some easy tricks for you.

  1. Mark your business location in the Google map.
  2. Create social media business pages.
  3. Add your contact numbers to your google ad profile.
  4. Set up a glow sign board on the highway. With your contact number and navigation details.
  5. Show your advertisements in the specific areas. This means you can turn on the area-specific advertising from your google ad profile.

How Much Profit Is Possible Through Auto Repair Business?

Starting an automotive repair business is an easy process. But how to make your business grow. 60% of the business handlers begin from a single garage and do not want to end up with a single store.

Most business start-ups want to know how profitable are auto repair shops. In my opinion, you can make more than 20-30% profit. Where for your mechanics, you have to invest 50 to 60% of the profit for the labour charges. When you are increasing the revenue, all of these costs will decrease.

Here are some easy tips to improve your Auto repair business revenue.

  1. Control your finances.
  2. Schedule the prior appointments. 
  3. Inspect every vehicle and function.
  4. Open multiple payment options.
  5. Invest in your present customers and offer some services on special occasions.
  6. Distribute special discounted coupons among the new customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Are The Most Profitable Automotive Businesses?

Here are some of the car business ideas which you can apply.

  1. Auto Interior Shop.
  2. Lubrication Oil and Retail motor part Shop.
  3. Car Washing and Cleaning Business.
  4. Driving and Vehicle Licensing Service.
  5. Rental Cars.
  6. Other automobile repair services.

Q2. How To Start Your Own Car Repair Garage?

 Here are eight easy steps to start your own garage repair garage.

  1. Decide what types of garages you want to open.
  2. Find the location of your garage.
  3. Buy car repairing equipment.
  4. Get certifications and qualifications.
  5. Know all about the latest technology.
  6. Hire a talented group of mechanics.
  7. Do business marketing.

Q3. How To Get An ASE-Certified Mechanic?

An ASE certification test is an automotive technician certification program. These certifications mean the mechanics have one or two years of on-the-job training. And two years of degree courses in automotive repair. The test is tough; only two are qualifying among three of the attempts.

Wrapping Up:

These are the typical steps that you have to follow for starting an auto repair store. The facts are unless you are not passionate about cars and repairing systems. Your business struggle is going to be much more challenging. Follow these steps and make your business grow.

What types of business do you want to start? Even now, car cleaning and dent repairings are also trendy types of business. If you have any experience of auto repairing businesses. You can share your opinion in the comment section. And to see these types of content, keep visiting our blogs.

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