10 Best Car Apps for Mechanics

by Automotive Published on: 20 July 2022 Last Updated on: 22 July 2022

Car Apps for Mechanics

Technological advances are driving the future of the auto repair industry. Technology has injected efficiency into car repair businesses all over the world.

Today, we will be discussing one of the technological advances that hold a lot of promise for auto repair mechanics – automotive repair apps!

These apps allow car mechanics to shift gears and keep racing ahead in the competition to provide excellent car maintenance services to customers.

In this post, we will explore ten of the best apps for mechanics that automotive mechanics should look into as soon as possible!

But first…let’s get acquainted with the basics!

What Are Automotive Repair Apps?

Automotive repair apps are designed to help manage business operations for automotive mechanics and repair shops on the go.

Managing or running an auto repair business can be daunting; this is exactly why you need software and apps.

From supporting repair jobs to inventory management, some of the best mechanic apps have all the capabilities needed to successfully manage repair shops on the go.

These applications are also quite useful in providing key insights including real-time monitoring, fuel consumption statistics, and customer data. Some apps also include an OBD-II scanner, making the job of a mechanic much easier.

While there are numerous apps that business owners can use for their auto repair business, the apps mentioned in our list are known to come in handy and be very useful!

From this list of apps for automotive mechanics, you can handpick the application or software that best meets your needs.

The 10 Best Apps For Mechanics


  1. Auto Codes
  2. Torque Pro
  3. Shop Boss
  4. Auto Parts Warehouse
  5. Repair Buddy
  6. Engine Link
  7. VIN Decoder
  8. YourMechanic Platform
  9. Repair Pal
  10. Autosoft Online

1. Auto Codes

Every professional mechanic knows the importance of reading and staying up to date with auto codes. Auto codes are one of the most useful applications that are used by automotive mechanics around the globe.

Mechanics have to deal with a plethora of different auto codes every day, to repair and assemble vehicles for a car owner. Auto codes allow a mechanic to quickly look up complete information for a vehicle including the make, model, and year to find out the error code.

In addition to the OBD-II codes that the application generates, this app makes your job easier by providing a detailed vehicle maintenance history within minutes.

All you need to use auto codes is an internet connection and all the information you need will be a few clicks away, instead of having to grill the car owner!

Wait, there’s more to this handy app. Using auto codes, you can also use the built-in tire size calculator. This helps you in finding out the correct wheel size for all the cars, very quickly!

What’s more? You will even be able to find out if the tire pressure of a vehicle is too low.

The application is also quite light on the pocket and the free version comes with advertisements.

2. Torque Pro

Getting accurate information on the error codes for cars is a challenge. The more clients you get, the harder it is going to be to efficiently fetch this information and save time.

But Torque Pro is another useful application that allows you to record data of the vehicle as it comes in by connecting your phone to the OBD-II system of a car.

This feature allows you to read error codes; which can help you in diagnosing the issue with the vehicle.

Moreover, this application also comes packed with other useful features. One of these features includes the dyno mode! What does this feature do, you ask?

It allows you to calculate the power output while using the OBD-II system of a vehicle. You can put this feature into action and play pre-recorded videos to gauge how each component of the vehicle has been faring over time.

Another benefit of this app? It has both Android and IOS versions, so you will not be restricted by the type of phone that you have.

It can also read out the CO2 emissions as well as provide readouts of the transmission temperatures.

While this application can perform a variety of functions, it needs a Bluetooth OBD2 adaptor to work.

Another great attribute of this app is that it is continually being upgraded with new features, data, and tools for mechanics.

3. Shop Boss

If you have been on the hunt for mobile apps that will help you in running your auto repair business then shop boss is the right place to start.

Managing all the cars at your repair shop or garage for maintenance can be a tough task. But having an app or software that helps you save time by streamlining procedures can be very helpful.

As the name suggests, this app has been designed to provide strategic support to the ‘boss’ of the auto repair shop.

The features and resources of this app allow shop owners and managers to conduct digital inspections, order spare parts as required and manage the finances of a business.

One of the handiest capabilities of a shop boss is the complete inventory management system that it provides. You can easily track and stay abreast with inventory levels at your shop, at a single glance!

The app also provides real-time information on the prices of different spare parts, which helps you evaluate whether you are getting the best price for your inventory.

Some of the other useful features of this app are customer invoicing, speech-to-text feature, VIN bar codes scanning, and a complete labor guide.

All of the features of the shop boss make this app quite a support while running or managing a complete auto repair business.

It’s available for both, IOS and Android devices.

4. Auto Parts Warehouse

Are you looking for an app that gives you a whole description or database of the best auto parts along with in-app purchases? Then auto parts warehouse is a must-buy for you!

This app is perfect for mechanics who are looking for a comprehensive database of the best auto parts and tools, from the comfort of their garage.

You can also dig out specific information using the search filters of this application. You can filter the results by their make, model, and year.

The app also allows you to order auto parts with free shipping for all orders with a value exceeding $50. Pretty useful, no?

The app also has another feature that allows you to check whether parts or tools will fit your vehicle or not.
You can get the app here for iOS.

5. Repair Buddy

Repair buddy is another useful app that you should add to your list of must-gets this season.

This app provides you with an array of useful information that mechanics can use to conduct repairs.

The information type that this application provides also includes visual specs which makes it much easier for mechanics to seamlessly conduct a specific repair.

The detailed information that the app provides helps the mechanics in diagnosing the repair issue. The app also provides instructions on how to fix any issues that may arise.

This app is also available on both, android and IOS devices.

Engine link is a digital, onboard diagnostic tool that mechanics with Iphones can use to read and erase error codes.

The best part is that this app does not require wi-fi or Bluetooth to work and is very useful for a mechanic on the go. It supports the mechanic in diagnosing the problems with a car.

This app also provides detailed information about cars to the mechanic including the make, model, engine information, and much more.

This information helps the mechanics in conducting services efficiently and accurately, giving customers a better experience.

7. VIN Decoder

This application is pretty self-explanatory; it is used to read the VINs of a car or a vehicle.

After reading the VIN of a vehicle, the app reports back with a lot of useful information for mechanics.

This information includes data on recalls, maintenance, and safety for mechanics. The app can also use your phone’s camera to read the VIN of a car, to fetch information.

All the data that is collected is stored on the app. Here’s the great news – the app is completely free to use! Features advertisements, however.

You can also use the app to cross-check vehicle information with reports from Carfax.

8. YourMechanic Platform

Every mechanic is always on the hunt for more customers, to amp up his revenue. This is exactly where this platform comes in handy!

It connects mechanics with customers and allows mechanics to earn extra income by winning over customers for repairs on the app.

This application is fully functional for many areas in the United States and is a great way for skilled mechanics to find customers for their services.

The signup procedure for this application is quite easy and gives users the potential to make a decent income on their own time.

9. Repair Pal

One of the most important tasks of mechanics is to estimate the cost of a repair job for a car. Repair Pal serves as a great price estimator for all types of repairs.

It’s also a great tool for mechanics to show the actual price of a service, for example, an oil change to the customer. It keeps things transparent and efficient.

The customer can figure out whether the price for the service is fair or not by looking at the typical prices on the app.

It indicates market prices for each type of service.

10. Autosoft Online

This app is another tool in the box for owners of auto repair businesses. How does it work? It creates reports for business owners and managers, giving insights into estimates, vehicle histories, inventory, and invoices.

One of the best features of this application is that it is user-friendly and allows easy, seamless access to vendors, sales, customers, and a host of different but important stakeholders.

Another great feature of the application is that it is free to use and hence, excellent for mechanics on a tight budget!


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