How To Start A Business As A Makeup Artist? Step By Step Guide In 2022

by Starting a Business 11 June 2022

Makeup Artist

Over the course of recent years, the market has changed a lot. As a result, there are new demands, and thankfully, you can meet all of them. And that is the magic.

Previously it was not that easy. Even in the recent past, twenty years from now, the market, career options, and job opportunities were quite rigid and saturated. People could not think of becoming anything other than doctors and engineers.

However, if we take a look at the market today, we will figure out that there are numerous opportunities. People can pursue whatever career they want to. And the best part of that is that they can be creative.

This is a great advantage in the world today. People can now turn their hobbies and what they feel passionate about into their profession. That means they can now enjoy their job much more than employees previously could.

If you are looking for creative job opportunities, becoming a makeup artist is a great option. Want to learn more about it? Keep scrolling till the end.

Makeup Artist: Good Way To Earn Money?

Makeup Artist: Good Way To Earn Money?

If you are someone who wants to become a makeup artist or MUA, you must have heard the name Ariel Tejada. Better known as ‘Kylie Jenner makeup artist,’ he is someone who earns up to 2,500 USD for a single-day shoot.

Do you need anything to prove that makeup artists earn a lot? So if you are someone who loves to do makeup and has great skill in the field, here is the best guide for you.

Start A Business As A Makeup Artist: Step By Step Guide

As you must already know, a career as a makeup artist is always growing. If you are someone who loves to be creative and do makeup, then starting a business and turning your passion into your profession is a great idea for you.

In case you were looking for ways to start a makeup artist business, you have reached the right palace. Here are the best steps that you can follow to reach your goal:

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1. Training

The first and the most important thing that you should have as a makeup artist is training. Unless you are a certified makeup artist, you may not find clients. One of the main reasons for that to happen is because when you are a certified and trained artist, you will have more control over the brush and the techniques that you use.

Another important reason for you to get proper training as a makeup artist is that you will be able to learn numerous things that you previously did not know.

Which lip shade goes well with different skin tones? What foundation to use? What about ten warm tones and cool tones? There’s so much to learn.

The certificate that you earn from a training school will also authenticate that you are a professional.

2. Create A Website

Create A Website

The next thing that you should do when starting your business as a makeup artist is to make sure that you have a website. The website is the place where your target audience will get to know more about you and your work. Make sure that your website appears on Google.

Do not forget to add your location. When people search for “makeup artist near me,” your name will appear on their Google search engine result page. This is a great way to reach your target audience. Most of the time, clients look for makeup artists who are located near them.

3. Social Media Marketing Is The Way

Social Media Marketing Is The Way

It is a fact known to many that social media marketing is one of the best ways to grow your brand and business. This is because you can reach numerous people through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

So use it. You can collaborate with influencers and offer them your services. The social media platforms will help you reach our target audience who are looking for makeup artists.

Potential customers will get to see your work on their news feed if they follow you or on their ‘For You Page,’ through which they will get to know more about you. In addition, you may post makeup tutorials and other behind-the-scenes (BTS), which will show the target audience that your work is authentic.

4. Get To Know The Market

Get To Know The Market

Most of the time people start their makeup artist without getting to know the market. This is something that you should avoid doing.

The market is everything that you need to earn through your business. Research on the location and the price. Know your competitors well. Read reviews of other makeup artists who may be in your location. You will be able to do things differently and make your business unique.

To know the market well, you can organize workshops and get in touch with the photography studios. You may find people who want to learn makeup from the workshops. And you will definitely get to know clients who want to look good for several events through the studios.

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5. Make A Portfolio

Make A Portfolio

Portfolios are important as it shows that you are someone who has the experience of working with different faces. For example, you may ask your friends and family to volunteer as a “model” and then go on with a photo session.

Through the model makeup practice, you will be able to be more confident with the techniques. Make sure that you ask people of different skin tones and facial features. That will diversify the range in your portfolio.

The model makeup photo session is a win-win situation for you and the model. You will get your portfolio done, and your friend will have enough images to post on social media platforms.

6. Approach Studios And Build Connection

Approach Studios and Build Connection

One of the first things you should do after getting all the above work done is to make sure that you have approached the studios. That is because you will be able to earn more customers through these studios.

There may be people who are trying to start a photography business. You can connect with them to collaborate on their ventures by exchanging services. The photography studios that also offer their services to marriage or wedding clients can offer your services for bridal photoshoots.

When this happens, you are getting widely known among the target audience. So This is a great way to get known in the market.

You can offer prices for your service and leave your card, and you will be shocked to see the results as most of them will contact you. And it is a guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is Makeup Artist A Good Career?

If you are thinking about becoming a makeup artist or anything that is a part of the salon industry, then you are on the right track. The simple reason for that is that the makeup industry is a slightly more stable and ever-growing industry.
There are always opportunities to showcase your skill and talent as the need for makeup artists for several occasions, and social gatherings will never end.

2. What Does A Makeup Artist Do?

You must have seen makeup artists being all creative with their clients. But what is their real job? The job of the makeup artist is to make sure that the clients get the best makeup services. 
They aim to enhance facial features and aesthetics through cosmetics and makeup. They make sure that the clients get the look that they desire.

3. How Much Does A Makeup Artist Earn?

The money that makeup artists earn totally depends on the experience of the artist. The top-rated makeup artists, on average, earn up to 80,000 USD per year. This is the highest salary that they get.
However, the celeb makeup artists may earn around 60 thousand to 75 thousand USD annually.

And That’s A Wrap!

The market and job opportunities that are present today give us the freedom to be as creative as possible. People have started all kinds of businesses. From personal training business to selling health care services, everything is available.

One of the most creative jobs that are ever-growing is that of a makeup artist. If you know how to become a makeup artist, then you can start your business.

One of the most searched google keywords or phrases is “professional makeup artist near me.” If you are someone who wants to start a business, make sure that you have a website. You will be able to reach your potential clients only if you are online.

For people who are looking for ways to start their business in the field, I hope you found this article helpful. Also, if there is any other query related to the same, feel free to comment them down in the comment section. Please share your thoughts.

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