Top 2022 StartUp Ideas

by Business Planning & Opportunities Published on: 10 January 2022 Last Updated on: 11 January 2022

StartUp Ideas

A lot of things have changed over the past couple of years. These changes won’t come as a surprise to anyone. But what has often been forgotten considering the turmoil is that it has also created a few business opportunities. There is always a silver lining for startup ideas.

3 Top 2022 StartUp Ideas

Starting a business means fixing your mind to run on the bumpy road. Run and fall are always there. If you are considering a new business in 2022, take a look at our list of lucrative startup ideas available here.  

1. Food Truck Business 

StartUp Ideas

The hospitality industry is going through a rough patch right now, which is obvious to anyone watching the news, but it’s a chance to get creative for food venues in particular.  

When lockdown initially closed all the restaurants, takeouts thrived. People who couldn’t face their own cooking turned to takeouts for a good meal delivered straight to their door, no in-house seating required. 

After seeing many good growth opportunities for these types of startup ideas, many venues started offering takeaway and delivery services. Suddenly everyone, with the help of apps like Just Eat, from fast-food chains to high-end Michelin star restaurants were offering delivery options. 

That, combined with the growing love of street food, makes a great opportunity for “ghost kitchens.” If you have any culinary skills, you can cook either from your home or premises and deliver it to all your customers.  

But the best option for premises is a food truck. With the shaky nature of lockdown nowadays, a food truck means you can go where you are likely to get the most customers, whether that is an event when things open up or a park when things slow down.  

If you are in the UK or plan to expand globally, check RX Global for best-in-class advice and insight for any food retail and hospitality business. They can help you make an impact at industry events to make sure that you are seen by those industry peers and customers alike.  

2. Influencer 

Many business startup ideas require an element of becoming an influencer anyway. To be an influencer is essentially to be a marketer, with the brand being simply you. So using it to supplement a business could shift to your products or services if you were to use it. 

Despite the illusion that it is easy, it, in fact, expands on and utilizes a range of skills. For example, creating content will take a lot of creative skills like photography, filming, and editing, writing, etc., depending on the platform. But the little-known side of influencing is the business side of it. 

As mentioned, it is marketing, and a big part of digital marketing is data analysis. Beyond that, there is the need to understand your audience, entrepreneurial and business management skills, self-employment skills, etc.  

3. Reseller 

StartUp Ideas

The fashion world is increasingly becoming interested in vintage fashion. With a greater acceptance of alternative styles and a growing awareness of fast fashion’s effect on the climate, reusing clothing items of the past is becoming more and more popular.  

You can make a good career out of finding decent clothing pieces amongst charity shops and car boot sales, buying them for less than a fiver and then selling them on, either online or from a shop, for anything between £30 and £100.  

Beyond fashion, you can always get into the collectibles market. The story of finding a gem in a charity shop worth a small palace is heard all the time with the gem swapped out for baseball cards, toys, and even works of art, like influencer and artist Eliza Holzworth, who accidentally painted over a Margaret Coen piece she found in a thrift store.  

Of course, try not to paint over anything you find.  


These three startup ideas are making massive sensational growth in the business world. This is why you would like to start your business ventures in 2022. But, first, you must select one of these promising startup ideas for new business entrepreneurs. So what is your business planning? Do not forget to share your innovative business concepts in the comment section.

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