How To Start A Glassblower Business? Step By Step Guide In 2022

by Starting a Business 11 June 2022


The art and techniques of glassblowing have been persistent for centuries. The artistry is always stunning, but the process looks even more fascinating. How a glassblower turns a blob of liquid glass into an exquisite piece is breathtaking.

However, when it comes to a business set up on glassblowing, it surpasses the boundary of art. You get exposed to many financial and technical aspects that can make you skeptical and confused. As an artist on my own, I understand the pain of managing creativity with finances and commerce. 

Therefore, to make your journey a little organized, here are the steps for a seamless setup of your glassblowing business.

10 Steps To Start Your Glassblower Business In 2022

If you are wondering how to become a glassblower and set up a successful business, check out the steps below.

1. Plan The Type Of Glassblowing Business

Plan The Type Of Glassblowing Business

You must have some expertise and interest in glassblowing if you aspire for such business. Therefore, you must choose the glass item you want to make. You can aim to create all the types, but they are different with distinct techniques.

So, choosing one kind and making it a top-notch professional is wiser than attempting all. Check out the possible types below:

  • Containers and bottles
  • Spectacles and sunglasses
  • Light bulbs
  • Magnifying, lens, and telescopic glasses
  • Floodlights or spotlights
  • Windshields, window glasses.

There may be other types, but these significant types are profitable ideas for business.

2. Plan Your Glassblowing Business Model

Plan Your Glassblowing Business Model

Whether a clothing designer or a grocery shopkeeper, each business person must have a business model. So, if you are starting a glassblowing business, you must have planned an expenditure and revenue model.

Finalize your plan on the following aspects:

  • Costs of materials or cost of production involved in glassblowing business.
  • Cost of marketing and sales model.
  • Fixed expenses that you must generate through your revenue.
  • Fixing the cost of products considering the market and cost of production.
  • Generating profit by setting a fair price and reaching the market demand.
  • Finding other ways apart from making glass pieces, like giving glassblowing class, to generate extra profit and branding.
Form A Legal Entity For Your Business 

It is the following answer to how to become a glassblower once you have a plan for your business model. So, you must register your business if you are thinking of a large-scale production or sale. In addition, legal registration is also essential for registering for taxes, generating employment, and branding on authoritative platforms.

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4. Process All Necessary Permits And Licenses

The next vital step to starting a glassblower business is to process all the essential licensing and permits. As the glassblowing business involves a lot of combustible and toxic agents, it poses a life risk to the associated people. Thus, this business must also have a specific licensing system that you must get done before starting your business.

5. Get The Necessary Tax Registrations Done

Process All Necessary Permits And Licenses

If you aspire to be as big as Andi glassblower, you must be ready for the massive revenue. However, with considerable revenue comes a significant amount of taxes. Tax is essential for any business as it helps you reimburse your costs and is also an important document.

6. Create A Bank Account For Your Business

You cannot escape the financial part, be it a simple coffee cart business or an intricate glassblower business. Your artistic soul may ache but taking charge of your money is essential. Thus, creating a bank account is one of the first steps to getting your hands on your hard-earned money.

7. Get Insurance For The Glassblowing Business

Get Insurance For The Glassblowing Business

As a scientific glassblower, you may encounter several risky factors in your business. These are not only health risks but also theft risks for your business. Therefore, you must apply for insurance for your business and your assistants.

8. Set Up A Business Accounting System

As I said before, no matter how artistic you are, you have to deal with the financial jargon. Of course, you are starting this business for money and not just to satisfy your creative self. Therefore, keeping track of your revenue, expenditure, and profit is quintessential for your bread and butter.

9. Create Branding For Your Glassblowing Business

Create Branding For Your Glassblowing Business

The next step is building a brand for your business. It includes naming your business and creating brand identity like logo, color palette, letterhead, typography, packaging, etc. You may need a professional branding designer for this. Besides, you may also need a photographer to take aesthetic pictures for online marketing.

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10. Build A Marketing Team To Promote And Sell

Build A Marketing Team To Promote And Sell

Next, you need a marketing team or a professional marketer who can take your brand to your audience. They will do the market research, identify your targeted audience and promote your business accordingly. Thus, when anyone searches for a “glassblower near me,” all they can find is your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Kind Of Gas Can I Use For Glassblowing?

You must use Oxygen as the mixing gas for scientific glassblowing. The pressure of oxygen ranges from 10 to 15 psi which is excellent for producing the necessary flame temperatures. Thus, Oxygen is the most favorable gas for glassblowing, especially for quartz and borosilicate glasses.

2. What Degree One May Need To Become A Glassblower?

Generally, you must get expertise in glassblowing through degrees in fine art, ceramics, glass, architectural crafts, etc. You may need a higher national degree or diploma, or foundation degree.

3. Do I Need To Hire Professional Glassblowers For My Glassblowing Business?

Initially, most glassblowers start their business independently and hire assistance according to the growing business size and demand. However, if you are not an expert and still aspire to begin a glassblowing business, you need professionals for production.

4. Why Do Glassblowers Add Soda To Glass?

Glassblowers add soda or sodium carbonate to glass as it helps lower the glass transition temperature. However, it can make the glass water-soluble, which is undesire. Therefore, lime can be a good substitute for soda.


So, these are all that I could share with you for building a glassblower business. These are the essential steps that you need to take your business to the height of your dream. Although these seem a bit intimidating as an artist, you will keep growing at your own pace once you get a grip.

So, do not forget to share these words of advice with anyone else who needs it. Also, keep coming back to us for more similar informative content.

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