5 Car-Based Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs

by Starting a Business 06 August 2021

Car-Based Business Ideas

While the idea of running a business from your car may sound odd to some people, it’s actually a very profitable and low-cost way to become an entrepreneur. The cost of renting or buying real estate is increasing all the time, making it harder to open brick and mortar businesses.

Fortunately, a vehicle allows you to have a designated place for your business that, when necessary, can be moved from one spot to another! Not only does this give your business much greater mobility, but it also ensures that you can always get a change of scenery while at work!

So, in today’s post, we will look at 5 car-based business ideas for entrepreneurs!

Mobile Laundry Service

Mobile Laundry Service

The great thing about a mobile laundry service is that you don’t need a fancy vehicle to acquire clients. You just need to have enough space to store and transport people’s laundry as needed. Even if you drive a “clunker,” you can still make a profit while transferring your clients’ clothes to and from a laundromat or your home.

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High-End Car Service

High-End Car Service

If you own or lease a luxury vehicle that’s decked out with VenomRex VR-801BL rims and other similar upgrades, you could easily translate this asset into cold hard cash. While there are plenty of services out there that offer basic transportation services (like Uber and Lyft), there aren’t as many services that really allow people to get from point A to point B in style.

This is especially true if you live in an area with limited access to transportation services. If you’re not ready to break out on your own, you can start by working for a larger ride-sharing service to learn the ropes and earn some money in the meantime!

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Local businesses are always looking for new ways to market themselves to consumers. Consequently, if you have a car with space or equipment (like overhead LED screens) to host advertisements, you can make passive income while you drive around town. Though it may take time to build a client base and strong revenue, this is a great way to make money without having to put in a lot of physical labor!

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Dog Grooming Business

If you have a van or truck that has room for cleaning equipment, you can easily start your own mobile dog grooming business. Most people don’t like to take their dogs all the way to the groomer and then return when it’s time to pick them up. With a mobile grooming service, clients can get their dogs washed and groomed in the comfort of their own driveway. However, keep in mind that this business requires you to have some knowledge of dog grooming and, of course, a love of animals!

Towing Service

While transporting other cars often requires a special towing vehicle, you can actually do it with a truck and/or an open trailer. Towing vehicles is relatively easy to work, and it’s not too complicated to build clients in your local area. So, if you have the right equipment for it, a towing service is a great way to make a profit with your vehicle!

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