An Insider’s Guide To Running An Accounting Firm With A Remote Workforce

by Business 20 November 2021

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In the digital age, for a business to be successful and save on overhead costs, the switch to a remote workforce is not only necessary but vital for firms and companies that want to stay relevant in today’s competitive market.

When it comes to accounting services, this statement couldn’t be any more accurate. Not only is the ability to run an accounting firm with a remote workforce possible, but it is also a lot more likely to increase business productivity, outreach, and operational success.

What is a Remote Workforce?

Remote Workforce

A remote workforce is a group of employees that work for a business or firm, but instead of working from an office located in some part of the city, each worker can log into the system to perform their duties from a remote work station located anywhere in the world.

How Does a Remote Workforce Benefit an Accounting Firm?

How Does a Remote Workforce Benefit an Accounting Firm?

It’s not just about saving money on utilities, leases, and office space (although those factors play a significant role), it’s also about productivity and outreach.


By removing the need for commuting to and from an office, accounting firms with remote workforces find that their employees are far more productive throughout the entirety of their day. This is because the flexibility in finishing tasks is placed on the employee, so the only limiting factor is their ability to prioritize and complete tasks on time.


By having a remote workforce spread around the country or globe, accounting businesses have better chances of meeting their clients’ needs in their specific time zone. This allows accounting professionals to help clients with audits, bookkeeping services, tax preparation, and more at all hours of the day.

What Technologies Do I Need to Run an Accounting Firm With a Remote Workforce?

What Technologies Do I Need to Run an Accounting Firm With a Remote Workforce?

The specific technologies needed to run a productive and profit-generating remote workforce for an accounting firm will vary depending on the size of the firm and the scope of its projects.

That said, many accounting firms that have already made the transition to a remote workforce use technologies that:

Enhance communication:

If you are running an accounting firm with a remote workforce, you’ll need communication technologies that allow them to communicate with clients and other colleagues quickly, easily, and without limit to the number of people on the call.

Optimize customer support:

Many new technologies use business management strategies that optimize how customers and clients reach out with questions and concerns. These systems aggregate all previous customer inquiries and ensure that the most critical customer needs are met first, along with having a firm understanding of what your workflow looks like to see where the bottleneck is in the system.

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Protect vital systems:

If you are going to have a remote workforce operating your accounting firm, you’ll need security technologies that encrypt logins, data, and other sensitive client information.

Get Your Accounting Firm Up and Running With a Remote Workforce

It is not only possible to run an accounting firm with a remote workforce, but it also offers numerous benefits in the areas of productivity and outreach than ever before. Don’t forget to choose tax software technologies that enhance remote workers’ ability to communicate with clients, protect vital systems, and optimize customer service.

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