Reasons Why Buying a Xero Software Licence from a Qualified Firm Makes More Sense

by Technology Published on: 06 July 2020 Last Updated on: 27 August 2020

Xero Software

Businesses today are fortunate because there’s an abundance of software available to automate almost every task. One example is accounting software – one of the essential tools used by companies today. This tool isn’t only responsible for tracking expenses and revenue, but also storing vital customer and employee information. What’s great about using accounting software is that it can give managers a summarised view of the “big picture” hence aiding in quick decision-making.

Considerations before buying accounting software

Every expense made during this time when the economy is hurting should be well-researched. Yes, you can quickly go online and find a company that sells business accounting software, but are you getting the best value? Will an out of the box solution be the right fit for your company’s needs?

It’s critical to begin the selection process by conducting a needs analysis. What are the gaps you want to fill by using accounting software? Do you have a dedicated team of accountants or would you rather have additional support from an accounting firm? Considering the importance of support will help you identify specific pain points as well as how hiring a firm can help your company’s future expansion goals. With that said, here’s why buying accounting software like Xero from a reputable accounting firm makes the most business sense.

Cheaper or similar cost, but with add-ons

Most people think that buying the software directly from a website is cheaper, but it isn’t always the case. Xero partners with many bookkeeping services that provide support to their clients, such as training and disaster recovery assistance. If you consider the added value you’re getting by buying from an accounting firm, you’ll undoubtedly get the most bang for your buck. Also, accounting firms offer free trials so that you can test and get a feel for the software.

Free assistance in setting up the software

In addition to client support, an accounting firm will typically help set-up the software at no added cost. Many companies will benefit from this perk because it will make the roll-out more seamless. Also, you’ll have experts available to answer questions and address technical issues that could occur during the first few days of using the software.

Build a professional relationship with the accounting firm

Lastly, the assistance you receive from the accounting firm won’t end after the sale and set-up. You can get support whenever necessary and build a partnership with the firm. Over time, you can take advantage of the services they offer, such as training programs. Since accounting software evolves over time, it’s likely you’ll need updated knowledge every once in a while.

Final thoughts

Every business has the option to buy accounting software directly from the software company’s website or through an accounting firm. What’s excellent about the latter option is that you get access to added support and set-up assistance. Also, you can take advantage of the firm’s expertise to improve your company’s accounting and bookkeeping practices. Indeed, the added value is worth considering, especially if it’s your company’s first time outsourcing or using accounting software.

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