Top 4 tips on how to stay safe if you are a woman living alone

by How to Guides 15 January 2022

woman living alone

Whether walking home late at night or running errands in the light of day, females are always in danger. Some unnoticeable creep might start following you home, or a morally ill fellow will harass you in broad daylight. There are people out there who have hired a Sexual harassment lawyer to get the justice they deserve.

However, we need to adopt a few habits to ensure that we are safe when we walk around at night or day. Women who live or run errands alone suffer from these disgusting behaviors daily. Here are a few tips that can help you ward off any person who tries to harass or attack you. These tips include everything from as easy as investing in pepper spray to hiring a lawyer. Los Angeles corporate law is a place offering trustworthy lawyers.

1. A lawyer

If you are a woman living alone, hiring a lawyer is the first thing you need to do. You can charge someone with a lawsuit if they harass you. Having a lawyer is a great way to ensure your safety and that the ill doers learn their lesson.

Lawyers can help you win lawsuits faster and bring you justice if you have been wronged. Having a lawyer is also beneficial if you make business deals, as the other party will be well aware not to try something fishy with you. Scammers usually stay away from people who have hired a lawyer.

2. Pepper spray

Pepper spray

Carrying a heavy-duty pepper spray in your bag at all times is quite an old tradition that most females follow. Pepper spray can act as a great way for you to put a stop to a situation and give you time to get away from danger as fast as you can.

Once you spray it over the eyes of the person you feel threatened by, they will feel a stinging, burning sensation and won’t be able to see for 10-15 minutes. This gives you the time to retreat to a safer place where you can call for help. Pepper spray pains the eye for at least 30 minutes before its effect wears away.

Thus, carrying pepper spray with you is the basic mechanism of self-defense you can adopt for your safety. It is better to take the pepper spray out and hold it in your hand for a faster attack. Some people also have the pepper spray attached to their keychains so that it is always in their hands and ready to go.

3. A pocket knife

A pocket knife

Having a pocket knife with you on the go is a crucial thing to have. The knife is not kept to specifically harm anyone; it can be used as an escaping tool if you ever get kidnapped or tied up in ropes.

You must take safety seriously and prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. People often fall victim when they least expect it. Thus, carrying a pocket knife can prove extremely handy if you are tied up and need something to cut the ropes.

4. Phone tracker

Having a phone tracker installed on your phone is a more advanced protection method. If you are being held hostage somewhere, this phone tracker will help find your whereabouts so that the police or your family can rescue you as soon as possible.


You should take precautions as a woman to ensure that you are safe in the state you live in. Some of the tips mentioned are easy and can be instantly implied, while others may take longer but are just as important.

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