Five Places in Every Office That Must Be Cleaned Each Day

by How to Guides 12 November 2020

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A clean office is not just important to the image of a business, it can also keep employees safe from the spread of diseases. So what are the most important parts of an office that must be cleaned each and every day? Here’s a look at the five most important places that should be addressed to ensure a clean and healthy work environment.

Here are Five Places in Every Office That Must Be Cleaned Each Day:

1). Cubicle/Workspace Cleaning

Employees spend the majority of your workday at their cubicle or their workstation. Therefore this part of any office requires special attention. Many employees eat at their workstations which can make that area especially unclean. With regular daily cleanings, the workstation and cubicle area can remain free of any debris.

So what parts of a cubicle or a work station deserve special attention? There are high contact areas such as the desk surface, phone, and computer that should be disinfected each day. Also, the desk shelves should be dusted to ensure cleaner air around that area.

2). Break Room

The break room may be one of the highest traffic areas of any office. Therefore, it is important that this major part of an office is cleaned on a regular basis. Lots of emphases should be placed on ensuring that the floor is cleaned and cleared of any food. Also, the chairs and the tables need to be disinfected to reduce or eliminate the chance of infectious disease spread. Finally, high contact areas such as the microwave and the refrigerator should be wiped down with disinfectant wipes.

3). Carpets and Floors

Carpets can trap dust and dirt that can reduce the air quality of an office. Each night, all carpeted areas should be vacuumed. When it comes to hard surfaces, these areas should be mopped each night to ensure that dirt or debris is cleared from the area. Cleaning the carpets and the floors will not only make the office look better, but it will also greatly improve the cleanliness of the office.

4). Light Fixture Cleaning

Light fixtures can be a surprising area where dust can build up. It is important that the cleaning crew does not ignore cleaning all light fixtures in the work area, lobby, break room, and bathrooms. Also, special attention should be paid to light fixtures in hard to reach areas such as the ceiling.

5). A garbage can and wastebaskets

Each night, all the garbage bins and wastebaskets should be cleaned out. A build-up of garbage can attract bugs, flies, and other vermin. It is important to make sure that garbage and wastebaskets are located both inside and outside the attended to with every daily cleaning.

A clean office is a healthy and attractive office. If you are located in the Toronto area, you can find several commercial cleaning services in Toronto that can address the five critical cleaning spots in your office. With the right commercial cleaning service, you will have an office that stands out above the rest.

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