Best Places To Go Off-Roading for Labor Day Weekend

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labor day weekend

Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner. So if you’re thinking about heading out to get in some intense off-roading, the time to start planning is now. With these inside tips and tricks, you might find more than you bargained for with a whole labor day weekend of off-roading fun. 

4 Tips For Organizing The Fun Labor Day Weekend

The Labor Day weekend is the best time to explore the near-off-road tourist places with your family and friends. Along with the best locations, there are multiple options that you need to look at before organizing your trip.

Here are four tips for organizing your off-road trip on labor day weekend.

1. Best Truck Accessories For Off-Roading

1. Best Truck Accessories For Off-Roading

Before you grab just the GPS, make sure your truck is fully accessorized. You may want to add accessories that complement your routine off-roading labor day weekend journey. 

If you often camp where you crawl, consider tonneau covers to keep supplies secure without added height or heft. Suppose you’re a creek mudder or hit the beaches without fail; custom floor mats fit securely and can be easily sprayed.

2. Heavy Duty Modifications For Off-Roading

If you’re more serious about your off-roading game, some heavy-duty mods can up your performance in the wild. Heavy-duty basics make sure your truck is off-road ready. Adding all-terrain tires to aid in gripping is a must. 

Off-road brakes specific for trucks aren’t the same as brakes for cars, so you need to search for them specifically. Basic and more advanced lift kits help with angles. Skid plates help ensure your underbelly isn’t scarred up after the first boulder has you over while heading out for your labor day weekend travel.

3. Before You Go

3. Before You Go

Before planning your labor day weekend, you have to check the details to plan your trip.

Here are three points and the checking parameters for planning a fulfilling weekend.

  • Tip: Pass Check 

Since labor day weekend is a holiday weekend, many popular spots will be crowded. In fact, some of the most favored destinations even require passes for offroading. I know what you’re thinking; we don’t need any stinking passes where we’re going. 

False. You will need passes where you’re sometimes going. There is no faster way to ruin the fun than finding out you can’t actually get from the pavement to the parklands. 

  • Tip: Lodging Check

Many offroading areas offer lodging as part of the access to the offroading area. This is a way for the area to make revenue to repair any damages and recoup expenses. 

However, it is also a way for you and your entourage to access the best spots, often unreachable by just a day’s drive-in. Camping for labor day weekend will allow for more access and longer. 

  • Tip: Event Check

Events are fun to meet other enthusiasts, participate in competitions, and have an overall good time. Events, however, often sell out quickly and restrict outside access to the areas without a ticket. 

It is important to research the area that you plan on visiting for any event restrictions. 

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4. Destination: Off-Road Paradises 

4. Destination: Off-Road Paradises 

The labor day weekend is the perfect time to organize an offroad trip. But, first, you have to make a list of the nearest off-road tourist places.

Consider these ten destinations for beautiful, diverse, and fun off-roading action.

  1. Alpine Loop Trail  Silverton, Colorado
  2. Hatfield Mccoy Trail System Logan, West Virginia
  3. Tecumseh Trails Offroad Hemlock, Ohio
  4. The Outer Banks Corolla, North Carolina
  5. Katemcy Rocks Mason, Texas
  6. Naches Pass Trail Mount Rainier National Park Washington 
  7.  Morrison Jeep Trail Cody, Wyoming
  8.  Quill Hill Rangeley, Maine
  9.  Vortex Springs Jeep Trails Westville, Florida 
  10.  Turkey Creek Road Murray, Kentucky 


Spend your Labor Day weekend enjoying the ups and downs of the off-roading wilds across the country. No matter where you live, there is a destination nearby that offers an experience to enjoy. So get your vehicle off-road ready and grab the keys. Before you go, follow the tips and tricks for the best experience, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride. 

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