Online or In-Person? 6 Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring

by Job & Career 28 June 2021

Online Tutoring

When you wish for your teen to be as prepared as possible for their end-of-year exams, it’s only natural to seek out experienced tutors to help. They can identify where your teen is struggling, come up with a study solution, and put them in the best possible position to improve their grades.

While looking at options, you may wonder whether in-person or online tutoring is a better choice. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of online tutoring below.

Pro: It’s Convenient

It’s Convenient

When you compare the convenience of online tutoring to in-person tutoring, a clear winner emerges. Rather than wrangling school pick-ups, drop-offs, and traffic to get to an in-person session, your child simply needs to be near a computer with an internet connection.

Con: It Doesn’t Work as Well for some Subjects

As convenient as online tutoring is, it can create learning barriers with certain subjects. The practical nature of music and art makes online tutoring more of a challenge. Similarly, language and singing lessons are trickier as the positioning of the organs of articulation is so important, yet this is harder to check on a screen.

Pro: You Can Access the Best Tutors

If you rely on in-person tutors for specific subjects, you’ve got a small pool of options from which to choose. While there may not be anything wrong with the tutors near you, they may just not be your first choice.

If you opt for online tutoring, you’ve got so many more options at your disposal to help you get ahead. When a teen is in their senior year at high school, having access to the best is even more important.

Pro: It’s Affordable

Pro: It’s Affordable

Even if the costs of online tutoring versus in-person tutoring are comparable, you can say with confidence that online tutoring is affordable. Pricing structures are flexible, often with weekly and fortnightly payments. You also benefit from unlimited on-demand tutoring.

What’s more, there are no extra costs. You’re not paying for fuel or public transport to get your child to tutoring, nor do you have to take time off work to get them there and pick them up. The majority of households already have an internet connection and computer access, so there’s rarely any need to invest in add-ons.

Con: You Need to Be Disciplined

Con: You Need to Be Disciplined

Because your teen can enjoy being tutored in the comfort of your home, it’s easy to get distracted. While the tutor is trying to explain how a complex math problem works, your teen can be staring at social media notifications popping up on their phone.

Fortunately, there’s a way to get around that. Set your teenager up in an office or quiet room in the house with few distractions. If their study space is set up for productivity, not distraction, they stand a better chance of having a beneficial online tutoring experience.

Pro: Flexible Time Slots

One of the most standout benefits associated with online tutoring is its flexibility. When you’ve got to work around sports practices, employment, and other commitments, it can be an impossible task to take your teen to an in-person session without feeling the stress of your other obligations. With click-of-a-button access to online tutors, you can access them at a time that suits your schedule.

Though it might be challenging to decide whether to hire an online or in-person tutor, the pros and cons speak for themselves. Online tutoring is a convenient, affordable, and versatile form of study assistance that can provide a number of benefits. Your child can then enjoy far more confidence as they get ready for their next exams.

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