How To Find Products To Sell On Amazon

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If you’re about to start an eCommerce business, buying and selling on Amazon is probably the best idea. It’s convenient for beginners and extremely profitable, because of Amazon’s success. The corporation owns 50% of the eCommerce market share, which means half of the global online purchases are made through their platform. So, if you’re planning to sell online then Amazon is the right place for you.

Buying and selling on Amazon is easy when you comprehend your sourcing possibilities as an eCommerce dealer. Wholesale goods and tailor-made manufactured products are what most startups consider at the beginning. Nevertheless, those are only two of several different methods in terms of finding products to sell on Amazon.

To find profitable products, you’ll have to do quality product research. That includes reviewing trends on other marketplaces, as well as Google, watching the bestseller ranks on Amazon, and utilizing product research tools for analyzing demand and competition data.

So, if you are looking to understand more about finding marketable products for selling, then read below. We give you some of the best advice on how to find products that you can sell on Amazon.

Look At Amazon Best Sellers Page

Look At Amazon Best Sellers Page

The simplest way to find out what sells the most on Amazon is to go to their best sellers page where you can check all the best-selling products.

Visit the Amazon best sellers page. Click on the category you’re keen on. Constrict your search by choosing a few sub-categories. Prepare a list of the products you consider good for selling.

Bear in mind that the top items you’ll find are based on recent sales, so the results may be influenced by seasonal trends. Ensure you check annual sales trends when making your final decision.

Check The Amazon Trend Report

Amazon has a page with all the goods trending on the platform. That’s a good resource for sellers who want to check what’s currently hot for buyers.

So, go to the Amazon trend report page. Scroll at the bottom of the page to see the top trending products. Clicking on the ‘Learn more’ links will let you see additional products that are also trending.

This changes throughout the year, therefore ensure to check back often for new updates. Like the best sellers page, this trend report is also based on the latest activity, so bear that in mind.

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Carry Out A Keyword Search

Another good way to discover what consumers are looking for is to check which keywords are receiving the most searches. You can check this by going to Google Trends.

Then, type in a niche or item you’re interested in. View the graph to check the search trends throughout the year. Click on ‘Related queries’ for more trends, and prepare a list accordingly.

As you might expect, if you search for ‘hedge clippers’ you’ll see that searches spike during summer when they’re mostly used and fall back down during the winter period. You preferably want to find products with a great number of searches all year long, since that means more persistent sales.

Utilize Product Research Tools

There are different product research tools that can help you choose profitable products for selling on Amazon. They offer search filters to specify your criteria. You’ll be able to search based on reviews, size, sales, weight, etc.

You should choose what kinds of items you want to concentrate on. If you want, you can only search for the latest items or trending ones.

Besides the search data, once you sign up for your product research account you’ll also receive monthly reports on new trending items. You’ll be able to check which items are most popular every month, so you can determine whether you want to include any of those on your list.

Check Other Marketplaces

Check Other Marketplaces

Amazon’s not the only eCommerce giant. There are several other places for shopping online, and it’s worth checking those platforms also to check what’s trending there.

Check other marketplaces such as Aliexpress, eBay, or  Alibaba. Seek for sections that list trending products. Make a list of your preferred products. Then, search those products on Amazon and check where they’re listed on the best sellers page.

Trends expand over the internet, so if something is trending on one marketplace it’s probably trending elsewhere. Besides, if you see underpriced products on other marketplaces you can buy them and afterward resell them on Amazon. That’s usually known as internet arbitrage.

Final Words

As demonstrated, if you have a good strategy and the proper tools, then finding products to sell on Amazon is not that hard. Follow the given advice to easily discover products and build a prosperous eCommerce business.

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