How to Improve Your Beauty Ecommerce Website This 2021

by Business Development Published on: 23 March 2021 Last Updated on: 30 September 2022

Improve Your Beauty Ecommerce Website

Beauty e-commerce websites are continuously growing this 2021. With the pandemic forcing every establishment to operate online, more people started establishing their e-commerce platforms. The beauty industry has been utilizing e-commerce even before other sectors began shifting to online business. Aside from beauty brands having their websites, numerous retail and wholesale beauty sites promote healthy competition within the online beauty businesses.

Once you successfully establish your beauty website, you need to think of ways to improve your site to stay relevant. Not only once or twice, but you need to do it continuously if you want to make a big name out of your site. Especially if you are in the Korean beauty industry, there are numerous successful retail and wholesale Korean skincare sites you need to watch out for as they offer great deals at a competitive price.

The e-commerce industry is seeing a bright future in the coming years. With that, we have prepared a few tips for you to keep your beauty e-commerce website thriving this 2021.

1. A Healthy Relationship With Your Consumers Should Be Your Top Priority:

Healthy Relationship

Establishing an excellent relationship with your consumers can significantly improve your business. Just like food, beauty has different effects on people. They will have many questions regarding the beauty products you sell, and you have to answer them willingly. You may even include other facts that can answer the question they never knew were there.

Here are some of the methods you can do to improve your relationship with your consumers:

FAQ section ㅡ

this is the most basic way to answer your consumers’ questions without requiring too much staffing. You will notice repetitive questions from your consumers, like how the return/refund work, how many days before they receive their order/s, or the payment methods available.

Live Chat Support ㅡ

providing live chat support is the easiest way to get in touch with your consumers. It is also the most helpful whenever there are urgent concerns and queries. You can also use it to ask for their feedback regarding their experience on your site.

Surveys ㅡ

providing surveys after transactions, and even after a reasonable amount of time browsing your site that includes questions like how convenient the purchase was and what can they recommend, can significantly improve your site.

Video Tutorials ㅡ

tutorials do not need to be lengthy; even a 2-3 minutes video tutorial can significantly reduce the basic questions most consumers ask. You can even provide a small clip that contains facts about a particular ingredient or product. It will educate your consumers and earn their trust.

2. Come Up With Different Product Bundles At A Certain Period:

Beauty companies, especially in skincare, provide non-stop product bundles that are more expensive when bought individually or with a bonus product like a pouch or a mini-sized product. You may include products that are not generating many sales, so more people discover these products. It will be more convenient for the consumers to purchase products from your online beauty shop with bundles. You can even use Google Analytics to determine what products are typically bought together.

3. Include Customer Testimonials For Other Consumers:

People do not buy products because they want to add more products to their shelves. When people see how effective a particular product, it urges them to try the product. If many consumers left a review about a lipstick that is easily blendable, is long-lasting, and suits different skin tones, more people will be interested in buying the product. It is what matters to people, not the product or the brand.

4. Subscription Services Are Never Outdated:

Subscription Services

Making everything easier for your consumers will say a lot about your online shop. Subscription services have been there for ages because it works. Smooth subscription billing services help to reduce your abandoned carts and increase customer satisfaction. If your checkout process takes a lot of time, it might affect how your consumers decide to buy from your shop again. Going over the same process for checking out products can be one reason you will lose customers over time.

You can also make it more personalized for them. Giving your consumers the freedom to choose the products to send every month or every two months can be an excellent feature that can make more consumers sign up on your site. It can significantly save their time in checking out these products monthly.

Final Thoughts:

Improving your online beauty business does not stop. However, it will pay off if you make it successful enough to keep it relevant through the years to come. These tips will always be beneficial for any online business, even after a few years. The e-commerce industry is rapidly progressing, be ready to go with it.

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