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by Ecommerce 26 March 2020

eCommerce app

Ecommerce app with Original Ideas

Startups that got into this post are all different. It’s hard to find one common feature between all of them. Except, of course, their uniqueness and originality. So what we’ve got here is the storage of memories or an interactive gallery. This gallery with your child’s artworks, pet protection in a tag. A transit app for those afraid to get lost in the city, a business management solution for busy and important. The best job search website ever, a self-destruct message service to keep your secrets sealed. And a promising future for eCommerce app.

The Muse

Raise $1M from Tyra Banks, Alexis Ohanian and more

Received $1M in Seed funding

No, that’s not the music band but indeed a great inspiration, for those looking for a job at least. Honestly, I have never seen a better career site and a tool that would give you exactly what you need. What do I mean by that? The Muse provides guidance for job hunters in the form of videos, current employees’ profiles with interviews, stories, pictures, allowing the job seekers to get as much as a possible insight into the culture of the company they are planning to make a living at. The companies represented on the platform are all high sort as the idea of the Muse is to make it possible to find a dream career rather than just a job. The Muse has about a million visitors per month and a wide range of companies that pay $ 60,000 per year to be on the platform.


Received $3.1M in Seed funding

Raised $15.2M in total and was acquired by Pinterest in 2016

This startup was likely to become the next generation of mobile commerce. URX saw itself as an advertising company. They delivered users who tap on the ad right to the product page through deep links. In fact, most URLs to mobile apps lead a user either to the homepage, the mobile site or the app store. Turnpike’s open-sourced framework developed by URX is called to help developers create deep links to every page in their eCommerce app. URX not only made the product noticeable and easily accessible, but it also analyzed every product page in an eCommerce app and creates lots of ad versions to sell each piece. Then it linked the products to each other and the people who might want to buy them creating ad solutions that perform best for every particular segment of buyers.


Received $1.9M in Seed funding

Ever wanted to delete the message already sent and never leave any evidence it ever existed? Confide is a great message app for people who don’t want their words to be stored in somebody’s email box. The founders of the project believe that whatever you said online should not remain there forever unless you want it to, just like spoken words function. Confidential messages that self-destruct ensure your communication to be real private and off the record.

Confide is aimed at professional office crowd who sometimes need to talk privately about job-related matters, corporate intrigue, and whatnot. It connects potential users through their emails, informing them there is a message from someone waiting for them in the eCommerce app. You will get notified that your message has been read after which you don’t have to worry about anything as no trace of this message will remain unless a screenshot was taken, but you will get an alert about that too.


Received $1.1M in Seed funding

How do you keep memories of your kids? Photos are undoubtedly powerful but imagine that all those drawings, birthday cards, report cards, lego constructions and whatever else can be stored digitally. Keepy is a platform that takes great care of all that artwork your children produce during their childhood. You can easily upload the items including videos to the platform, share them with relatives and add your voice or video comments alongside. Keepy is an interactive kind of a scrapbook with an emotional element added to it, as each piece may contain a story told by a kid or other family members. With Keepy parents can be sure that all their precious memories about how their kid was growing up are saved and preserved.


Received $500k in Seed funding

Trafi sounds like traffic and indeed it has something to do with it. This is the go-to transit app that provides city inhabitants and travelers with journey planning or traffic suggestions to whatever destination they want to get to in the city. Trafi combines public transit, taxi, bicycle routes and walking, listing all the available means to commute given real-time traffic information and leaving its users a chance to choose between expensive and cheap, fast and healthy. New guys in the city will appreciate Trafi’s distinctive features and suggestions about potential places to stop on the way. The company is aiming at expanding on the emerging markets around the world, where open data is rare and Google/Apple is not really well established, without leaving behind multi-million population cities, of course. If you’re interested in developing a successful travel app, check out this post:


Received $1.2M in Seed funding

Let’s get down to business! FreshOffice is a startup from St. Petersburg, that takes care of your business matters, offering document management, ERP system and enterprise social network which altogether creates a great ecosystem for company management. FreshOffice provides a desktop suite of ERP products as well as a cloud-based version. Which stores your data on the global Microsoft cloud. You can connect to the system anytime using a mobile eCommerce app or a website. FreshOffice has already attracted more than 20000 users and is planning to spread its product on Asian markets.


Received $19.3k (€15k) in Seed funding

Let your pet’s tag correspond to the needs of the 21st century and be more than just an accessory. Taga pet is a startup that cares about the protection of your favorite animal. After the purchase of TagaPet, you can easily scan the tag with your smartphone (using QR code or NFC). You can access your pet’s profile which contains the information about your pet including its picture. And your phone number and GPS location which is sent to the owner. In case, your pet gets lost you can click “Report lost” on the pet’s profile. The system will send alerts to your Twitter and Facebook, local animal shelters, and rescues.

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