How To Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy In 7 Steps

by Sales & Marketing 15 December 2022

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Generating leads on LinkedIn is lucrative and enjoyable. And every business owner can use it to their advantage.

You can boost the number of monthly sales calls you to book if you have a well-designed lead generation strategy. With increasing sales calls, you create more opportunities for your business.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that achieving success on LinkedIn is a long-term game. The more effort you put into posting relevant content and connecting with the right audience, the more rewards you get.

7 Tips For LinkedIn Lead Generation

Although getting results on LinkedIn is a long game, the sooner, the better. But if you are stuck or don’t know where to get started, the following LinkedIn ads tips can help kickstart your lead generation strategy

1. Optimize Your Profile To Boost Engagement

Profile optimization for engagement is the first step of a LinkedIn lead generation strategy. And it is best to optimize both your business and personal profile.

Profile optimization involves filling out your profile fully and conversationally. Avoid using bullet lists in your job description or about section. Instead, write these sections as if you were explaining to a friend

Using a professional headshot picture with a high-resolution background also helps with profile optimization and consequently generating leads

2. Identify Decision-Makers

After optimizing your profile, the next step is identifying the key decision-makers to reach out to for a successful lead-generation strategy. Fortunately, this is straightforward. LinkedIn has filters like job title, location, and industry for finding the right prospects.

Furthermore, suppose you know the company you want to target but don’t know the leads to target in that company. In that case, you can search for employees through the LinkedIn company pages.

3. Create A Focused Outreach

Linkedin Outreach

You can only get the best results from your LinkedIn lead generation if your outreach is focused and not randomized. Before selling to your leads, it is best to start a conversation with them first.

Poor strategies use the spray-and-pray method, which then causes C-level prospects to ignore messages and connection requests from people they don’t know.

Fortunately, you can stand out from the crowd. You have to ensure that you are strategic and focused on whom you reach out to and connect with. A proven way to legitimize yourself to your prospects is to post information and engaging content on LinkedIn.

4. Maximize Visibility

Making your profile visible helps you to create a stream of inbound leads on LinkedIn. In addition, you can make your profile more visible by posting regular and beneficial content to your network. This establishes you as a voice in your industry.

Like other social media platforms, an algorithm controls LinkedIn. And posting engaging content is a way to use the algorithm to your advantage. Once you find a time that works for you and your audience, aim to post around that time daily. With enough likes and comments on your posts, LinkedIn automatically increases the visibility of your posts to your audience by prioritizing them in your prospect’s newsfeed

5. Take Your Leads Offsite

Take Your Leads

After following the steps discussed above, the next step in your lead generation strategy is leading your prospects into your sales funnel off LinkedIn.

LinkedIn does not restrict the visibility of the posts directing your audience offsite. Consequently, it is ideal to include your website links in all your posts as they become more visible to your network. This increases the opportunity for your prospects to land on your website through your posts

6. Run A Paid Ad Campaign On LinkedIn

After posting content and prospecting, you still need to run paid ads for a successful ad campaign. Many B2B marketers already run at least one paid ad campaign that links to their sales landing page.

Success with your paid ad campaigns in your lead generation strategy depends on you creating a series of creative LinkedIn paid ads. Some of the paid ads would have to be retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads specifically target prospects that have previously engaged your paid ads and viewed your website but did not take action. For example, the action could be booking a call or purchasing a service or product.

With retargeting ads, you can capture the attention of prospects who must have engaged with your brand at some level. Engaging with your brand means they are interested in what your business offers. All they need is a gentle nudge to the point of taking action.

You can see success in your overall LinkedIn lead generation strategy by using retargeting ads to set up a solid LinkedIn paid ad campaign

7. Play The Long Game

linkedin lead generation process

The final tip discussed here is playing the long game. LinkedIn lead generation is not a quick solution to instantaneously increasing your stream of leads. However, you can play the long game and see successful results correctly through profile optimization, focused outreach, and posting meaningful content.

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