The Power of Instagram for Growing Your Small Businesses

by social media 22 October 2021

Power of Instagram

Businesses that discovered the power of Instagram earlier than their competitors took advantage of the head-start, but it is never too late to establish your company’s presence on Instagram. Starting as a simple app for sharing photos, Instagram grew into one of the biggest tech giants and is presently considered a significant part of many people’s daily lives. Useful both for business and for leisure, one of the most popular apps has excellent features in store for small business owners.

If you are still contemplating whether Instagram is the right choice for your business or not, take a look at this article we prepared to get the power of Instagram closer to the hands of small business owners.

Your Presence on Social Media

Grow Presence on Social Media

One of the hallmarks of a reputable company is a large social media following, and your social media presence will have a significant effect on your overall success.

If you set up your company account, it’s time to look for the best techniques to grow Instagram followers organically. Many methods and paid service options for acquiring Instagram followers rely on artificial intelligence and natural language processing automation. With algorithms becoming more sophisticated by the minute, growing companies should aim for the middle ground between automation and professional management.

Choose to Be Picky About Your Audience

Even with the myriads of methods for getting more followers, countless businesses forget that their principal focus should be the quality of their audience. Your Instagram content should at the very least attract followers that are interested in your niche and those that have the true potential to become loyal clients.

A small but tight and well-targeted audience is multiple times more significant than a large but idle horde of followers. While you must be thankful for each follower you attract, try to pay special attention to the more promising part of your audience.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

The days of lengthy phone calls and waiting for days and weeks for an email response are long gone, and Instagram introduces one of the best ways to get in touch without losing your most important asset – your time.

Instant messaging cuts costs significantly for companies in the customer service industry and those who employ it while providing a significantly better solution. Thankfully, even small companies can take advantage of one of the most simple yet most revolutionary tools – instant messaging. Now you can synchronize the responses across your social media platforms and keep your audience informed timely and with no unnecessary delays.

Integrated Shops

Online merchandisers used to be obliged to have their webshop and deal with bringing traffic from different sources. Now Instagram allows your audience to browse your products directly from the app and proceed to your website if needed.

The integrated shops set up by small businesses can have a significantly better turnover rate than brands desperately trying out outdated marketing techniques. Considering how much time we spend browsing social media and how much time we spend at the store, the Instagram shopping experience is unlike anything else we have seen before.

Advanced Targeting Tools

Advanced Targeting Tools

Seeing as the same company that developed Facebook is in charge of maintaining Instagram, those that have previous experience with the Facebook Ads Manager will have a leg up in conquering Instagram, too.

Instagram has one of the most sophisticated advertising platforms with accurate methods to predict the optimal time for sharing a new post. Business and creator accounts have access to follower analytics and detailed information about their Instagram posts, stories, and reels, including follower growth rate, engagement rate, referral traffic, comment rates, impressions, and reach. Instagram insights can help you identify prime-time periods of the day or week when your post will enjoy much better engagement rates.

Influencers Are Still Popular

While many cast doubt on the impact of influencers, the numbers beg to differ in favor of thought leadership. All it takes is a small niche with an interested audience and an approachable and relatable person to see the power of Instagram influencers.

Big brands around the globe are replacing brand ambassadors with local celebrities because, unlike brand ambassadors, Instagram influencers don’t cost nearly as much, and the results they yield are incomparable. Don’t hesitate to contact a local thought leader whose profile and audience you like and see where it takes you.


Whether you have just started a small business or you are trying to get an already established company off the ground, Instagram should be one of your top tools for growth. With its business potential raised bigger than ever, Instagram is an invaluable tool that you cannot afford to miss. Get started on your journey to harness the power of Instagram and grow your small business like never before.

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