How Consumer Behaviour Can Influence Your Business

by Management Published on: 26 February 2019 Last Updated on: 19 August 2023

Consumer Behaviour

Many businesses push their marketing efforts onto social media in the hopes that customers, both old and new ones, will buy their services and product. But even with all the benefits that come with effective social media marketing, don’t expect to get instantaneous results within days just because you are posting on your pages. You need to have a good grasp on how your consumer behaves and understand what motivates them to trust a brand.

Understanding Consumer’s Online Behaviour

Just because you know how to post on social media doesn’t mean you will be able to generate excellent results already. You also need to learn how your consumers use the social media platform and in essence, you will be able to determine the best approach on how to build up the consumer’s preference towards your brand.

For instance, there is an assumption that email marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be. But research says that in the U.S. alone, 85% of adults send and read emails, and about 75% of teens treat it as a fact of life. However, because many of us believe email to be obsolete, we don’t bother anymore with things like email marketing even email hosting for business.

So we cannot really afford to assume what our consumer’s online preferences and behavior are. First, you have to research on these important factors:

Consumer’s Social Activity

Consumer’s Social Activity

Consumers use social media purely to make connections and find real conversations; which is why the only way to motivate your target consumers to pay attention to you is by engaging your existing pool of audience – your followers. If you are able to effectively communicate your brand, optimistically, your followers will be able to advocate your brand on your behalf and you will have gained loyal customers.

Identify the Right Audience

Determining consumer behavior will be easier if you know your market because if you’re trying to talk to an older generation but your posts are catered to the younger audience then there’s obviously a disconnect to your brand already. You have to know the right nuances to use in your content to be able to communicate with your customers more effectively.

Collect Consumer Reviews

These days, everyone wants premium results for any service. So if you want to know how your consumer Behaviour looks at you and your competitors, the best section to linger around would be the Reviews Tab, Twitter, or Forum sites. Do Social Media Listen religiously? It helps to listen to your audience’s wants and needs so you’ll be able to understand what makes them tick. Not replying to a consumer’s concerns or even taking note of the praises of the service can be a brand’s kryptonite.

There is no doubt that customer perspective will, one way or another, affect how you are going to run your business. This isn’t just in the way they see you as a brand, but their opinion on what improvements need to be done and what else you can still offer on the table. Their thoughts will shape the kind of products and services you will provide them for as long as the business is running.

Do not think of it as a collective of strangers holding the reins of your business. Think of it as a way for you to know if what you currently have is still relevant to the people you cater to and what it is you can do to continue helping make their lives much easier with your products or services.

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