Activities In Singapore That Are Perfect For business Team bonding

by Business Development Published on: 23 September 2022 Last Updated on: 14 November 2022

Team bonding

In team bonding activities employees of the company mainly do crazy competitions and other physical team-building activities.

But when “team bonding” is used, many introverts in the office may cringe. It’s time to leave the awkward business dinners and icebreaker questions behind.

Here are some fun team-bonding activities for your upcoming workplace gathering that will make everyone relaxed.

Team Bonding Activities:

Team Bonding Activities

1. Compete at mini-golf

You may get a drink and a meal and enjoy a fun round of mini-golf with your employees at Holey Moley. Consider it a funny variation on golf.

Take a sip of drinks, divide into teams, and play on their distinctive mini-golf courses, including references to earlier pop culture (score sheets provided). The cost to participate in this activity is $20 per person.

2. Create some masterpieces together

Relax and let your imagination run wild with the group during an art-jamming session. My Art Space offers the opportunity to paint while taking in the beauty and diversity of Istana Park.

Art jamming is an excellent relaxing method since it combines calm music and pleasant painting. All you need to give is a tonne of curiosity, inspiration, and originality since everything you need is already present.

When you have a supply of fresh fruit juices to keep you going, how can you possibly refuse? To take part in this activity, you need $34 in your wallet. 

3. Enter virtual reality

Join the VR revolution by bringing your group to Zero Latency for some fast-paced, free-roaming virtual world action. In the Sol Raiders game, you must contend for a power source to survive.

In addition, there are video games with zombie themes like Outbreak Origins and Zombie Survival. Please put on your gaming headsets, get lost in the excitement, and fight with your bosses and employees to beat villains or survive the zombie apocalypse. The cost per player is $48 here.

4. Have a beach party

Who doesn’t like attending beach events? You are, after all, enjoying yourself by the lake and the sun while you eat, drink, and rest. Tanjong Beach Club would be the ideal location for this.

The sun deck, the beachfront, the daybeds, and entertaining amenities like beer pong tables and a place for your group to play beach volleyball or beach twister, are all available for reservation at this party venue.

5. Organize a yacht party

If you want a more relaxed yet unique alternative to your usual leisure activities, think about renting a yacht for a business lunch or supper.

In Singapore, yacht rentals are more prevalent than ever as boat parties grow in popularity. Some of these businesses also aid with booking recreational activities like water sports, like Yachty. Choose a route and add extras like food and drink. Yacht parties are regarded as being overly pricey. Each yacht will cost you $559. 


Teamwork is crucial to every organization’s ability to maximize employee productivity, engagement, and retention. Arranging for business team-bonding events and Games for team development in Singapore can be a little bit stressful but not too difficult.

You must consider various factors like venue search, adherence to a company budget, and timing while organizing an event.

But now it’s time to choose a team-building activity from this vast selection of unusual possibilities!

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