Does UMass Project Management Course Increase Your Salary?

by Business Development 14 November 2022

Project Management Course

Project Managers are in demand everywhere across the globe, regardless of the type, location, and size of an organization, across every industry. This is because properly skilled and qualified professionals are always required to project management course plans and provide the tasks.  

If you are wondering if a career in project management can be a great choice, read ahead this article to find it out. Let us have some trends in project management first.  And you will understand why a project management course is more popular for those who like to proceed through their career in project management.

The project management course is very popular among industry professionals. The facts are unless you do not know which types of courses are going to be sustainable for you, the selections are going to be far more complicated.

Related To Project Management
  • With a CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 14.93% from 2019 to 2027, the global project management software market is anticipated to reach US$ 7 Bn by that year. (source:
  • As far as industry growth is considered, it is expected that jobs in project management will experience a growth of around 6% by the year 2024
  • According to the project management course report by Project Management Institute (PMI), 22 million new job roles for project management roles are expected by the year 2027
  • The average annual salary of a Project Manager in India is around INR 14 lakhs and may go as high as INR 24 lakhs or even more with experience and certifications.
  • Some of the biggest names hiring certified project managers include Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, Wells Fargo, Apple, HSBC, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, American Express, Bosch, and more.
  • You can choose to stay in the industry of your choice to become a Project Manager, including Information Technology, Banking, Finance, Investment, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, and Manufacturing.

Such powerful trends!! Isn’t it a great project management crash course choice?

Definitely!! Project Management has now become a dream job role for many IT professionals.

In this article, you will find out how you can become one and how a UMass Project Management course can help you enhance your earning potential. 

What Is A Project Manager?

A Project Manager is an IT professional who oversees all the phases of a project, from planning and initiation to its successful closure, while ensuring that it meets budget and time constraints. 

As a project manager, you will be the one responsible for organizing, planning, and executing projects within the defined schedule. You will be leading the entire team, communicating with stakeholders and other concerned people, identifying project objectives, and making it to its successful completion.  

The project may be anything depending on the type of organization you work for, which may include building construction, establishing a marketing campaign, launching a new product or service, developing an application, or anything. One thing to remember as a Project Manager is that you will be responsible for the success or failure of the project.  

As a Project Manager, you will be defining the goals and objectives of the project. You will be assigning tasks to the related team members by dividing the project into smaller chunks and getting them completed sequentially. 

On the software project management course and completion, you will be required to verify that the results to be delivered meet the quality standards as well as the online course in project management courses.

Project Manager
Tasks Of A Project Manager

The project management course consists of five different phases of a project lifecycle. Are included:

-Project initiation
-Project Planning
-Monitoring and Control
-Project Closure 

All through the life cycle of a project, you will be tasked with various responsibilities, some of which are mentioned below.

-To define the scope of a project
-Keep up with the decided schedule
-Plan the cost and make sure that your project doesn’t run out of budget constraints
-Manage the resources of your project, including team, workers, time, services, and costs
-Regularly document the progress of the project
-Stay in touch with stakeholders
-Perform risk assessment
-troubleshoot issues
-Perform Quality Assurance procedures

Executing a project requires you to be working on new things and carry out different tasks on a regular basis. No two workdays (or two projects) are exactly alike due to the vast range of tasks. You might be doing interviews to find new employees, coordinating team meetings, reallocating funds to pay an unforeseen bill, or informing stakeholders on the project’s status on any given day.

Salary Of A Project Manager

With good certification and training, you can expect a median annual salary of around USD 97,073. You can expect a salary range of USD 75,000 and USD 100,000. With experience, skills gained over time, and certain project management course certifications, the numbers may go higher as well.  

How To Make A Career In Project Management?

The first and foremost step is to choose a good training provider. It must offer the mode of study as per your convenience and also provide you with professional experience.  

Practice makes you perfect!! So, the next step is to practice hands-on and train yourself to prepare for the certification exam. Ace the knowledge acquired while going through the training.  

Once you attain your project management course certification (PMP is the best), select your area of interest and start fishing for jobs. 

 Why UMass Project Management Course?

Does it Increase Your Salary? 

The answer is, Definitely!! 

The edtech giant Simplilearn, in collaboration with UMass Amherst, is all set to boost your learning experience in the field of project management. 

With this project management certification course that is linked with PMI-PMP® certification and IASSC-Lean the Six Sigma, you can also accelerate your profession as a project leader in the digital age. Attend UMass Amherst masterclasses, case studies from Harvard Business Publishing, live online interactive classes, and capstone projects. 

This project management course covers the areas such as strategizing and managing the project, program, quality, risks, and complexity management. Also, it covers PMO implementation, customer-centric digital transformation, Scrum, and Agile skills. With this course, you will get to earn 146 PDUs meant for the renewal of PMI certifications.  

The Capstone projects in three different domains, around 17 hands-on projects, 4 Harvard Case studies, around 30 tools, and more than 15 simulation exams make this course worth the investment of your valuable time and money.  

Wrapping It Up:

With Simplilearn’s JobAssist program, you will get noticed by top recruiting companies. The features of this course, including dedicated resume review, interview preparation, career mentoring, and also career fairs from the Simplilearn Job Assist program, ensure that you land your dream job with an expected hike in your salary. 

Enroll Yourself Now!!

Looking for any information or career guidance related to UMass project management Bootcamp? Feel free to call us: at 1800-212-7688.


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