How To Hire A Node.Js Developer For Your Startup

by Business Development 24 January 2023

Hire A Node.Js Developer

Node.js is a runtime, cross-platform, and open-source environment for building highly-scalable web applications. When you have a startup organization or business that requires Node.js as the runtime environment, you must hire a Node.js developer to handle the development of your web application.

The challenging tasks come in the hiring process. Luckily, this post guides you on how to hire a Node.js developer for your startup. Let’s dig in!

What To Consider When Hiring A Node.Js Developer

Here are the aspects to consider when interviewing a Node.js developer.

1. Certification

certifications act as proof of experience

Sometimes, certifications act as proof of experience. However, certifications are unnecessary as most developers are self-taught and don’t have any certifications to back their skills and experience. If a developer is certified, that’s an added advantage.

Furthermore, the developer has to be knowledgeable of the various programming concepts, such as Node JS frameworks, databases, RESTful APIs, server-side scripting, etc.

2. Experience

Evaluating the developer’s experience is essential before deciding to hire them. How experienced the developer is will determine the quality of what you want the developer to create for your startup. For a startup company, the developer’s skill should align with your budget and the complexity of the web application you want to develop.

Nonetheless, a good Node.js developer should be experienced in working with front-end frameworks and databases. You can test the developer’s skills by giving them a coding test.

3. Portfolio

A competent Node.js developer must have a portfolio to showcase their skills. It could be their previous projects or their GitHub repository. Viewing their portfolio will help you decide whether they have the skills you need for your project. You can also contact the clients they have worked for to get feedback about the experience.

4. Budget

How much you want to spend on your startup matters. When you have a small budget, ensure you align with affordable developers. You must interview the developer to know how much they charge for their skills. Other factors, such as the developer’s location, the project’s complexity, experience level, and where you source the developer, affect the budget.

How To Hire A Node.Js Developer For Your Startup

When you want to hire a Node.js developer, the essential part is the interview to determine whether the developer matches the hard and soft skills you need. When hiring a Node.js developer, there are three options to consider.

1. In-House Node.Js Developers

This category contains the developers that you must pay monthly. Here, you are hiring a developer to be part of your startup company, and the developer mainly fills a vacant position. After developing the required application, they will remain part of your technical team. It mainly works best when you want a long-term engagement with the developer.

For a startup, in-house is not applicable as it requires a higher budget and a monthly expense due to the developer’s salary.

2. Freelance Node.Js Developers

Freelance Node.Js Developers

Freelancing is the leading way that organizations are using to hire developers. Besides, most skilled Node.js developers can be sourced from freelance platforms, such as Upwork, Codementor, Fiverr, etc.

For this approach, you should sign up on the freelancing platform and interview a potential Node.js developer. Once they meet your requirements, you can use onboard them into your organization and have them work remotely on your project. You can assess the developed application, pay the developer, and end the contract.

The good thing about this option is that it saves on cost and exposes you to a bigger pool of experts from different locations. That way, you can assess the developers before selecting which among them should work on your project.

3. Using An Outsourcing Agency

Hiring a developer takes time, and it becomes a hassle when you don’t know what steps to follow or where to source the developer. However, different outsourcing agencies, like JayDevs, come in handy when shouldering uncertainties.

The outsourcing agency will interview the developers and handle the onboarding process. That way, you can get a reliable and skilled developer to work on your project.

Outsourcing through an agency is convenient, safer, and time-saving as the agency follows an interview process to assess the developer’s hard and soft skills.

Even for a startup, you can contact an outsourcing agency, give them the requirements of your project, and let them handle hiring the Node.js developer for you.


When hiring a Node.js developer, you can use three options; in-house, freelancing platforms, or an outsourcing agency. We’ve seen the aspects to consider when interviewing the developer. Hopefully, you can now hire a Node.js developer to work on your application for your startup.

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