Top 10 Best Blogger Outreach Services In The USA

by Marketing 28 September 2022

Blogger Outreach Services

Digitization has taken the world over around an entire.

Are you looking forward to placing your content on the best sites in the USA? 

There are plenty many blogging sites that cover so many niches that one cannot possibly imagine.

A few stand above the rest with a truly persistent and huge number of followers.

In the digital era, blogger outreach services have become the most important method of gaining plenty of traffic. This, in turn, has helped brands and services with google’s ranking. 

Here is a list of 10 agencies providing the best blogger outreach services in the USA. These agencies will, in turn, spike the growth of your business to a huge extent:



With more than 15000 websites in its database, Blogger Outreach is taking baby steps. It aims at providing smooth and hassle-free guest posting and link-building services. 

Being one of the foremost affordable outreach platforms, it comes with great turnaround times. This makes deliveries faster and processes payments quicker. 

This platform is the most suitable option if you’re searching for any blogger outreach service provider at reasonable prices. 

This platform helps up connect with the best reviewers, bloggers, and influencers present there in the market space. 



Upfluence is the source of a database of over 4 million bloggers and influencers on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Finding and creating a targeted influencer list is easy. Use filter metrics to find influencers that match your criteria. For example, you can search Twitter to find influencers in a specific region to locate bloggers in a specific niche. They will probably have a specific niche language as well as a specific number of followers. 

Over 20 advanced filters can be used use when searching for influencers. This will help you locate influencers who are already engaged with your brand and follow you on social media. See your followers and contacts to see who has the most followers. 

Upfluence lets you reach out to your influencers in bulk with customizable email templates.

You can schedule emails in advance and send direct messages to influencers you want to collaborate with. 

Once you reach out to influencers, use influencer relationship management tools to track responses, keep communication open, and build better relationships. Use performance analytics to improve your campaigns and increase conversion rates. 



Pitchbox is a great blogger outreach tool for businesses looking to build links and agencies looking to run outreach campaigns for their clients.

First, upload your contact list or use data from tools like SEMrush, Majestic, and Moz to search the web for quality blogs and websites in your niche.

Personalize messages to your contact bloggers and influencers with pre-built templates and conditional logic.

Scheduled emails to be sent at appropriate times zone for better communication. Also, scheduled automated follow-ups should be done to ensure getting a response.

Pitchbox has an email client that blends data such as domain authority. This allows you to quickly reply to emails from promising-looking prospects while deleting emails from candidates who are no longer worth your time.

Collaborate with her team members to view reports and see how successful your campaigns are.

Pitchbox is a tool with multiple integrations.. You can import his SEO data from sites like Ahrefs and SEMrush, or use Zapier to connect Pitchbox to his 1,500+ popular tools and software, including Evernote, Asana, Google Sheets, Facebook, and more.

Also, set up a Pitchbox in Slack to get notified when you reach out to influencers, use influencer relationship management tools to track responses, keep communication open and build better relationships can do. Use performance analytics to improve your campaigns and increase conversion rates.

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Press Hunt is a great tool, especially if you’re looking for journalists to work with. The Press Hunt database includes over 750,000 journalists, podcasters, and reporters.

All journalists and reporters in our database come with contact information and other data. You can export a list of journalists to share your product presentations.

For example, if you think you’ve launched a groundbreaking service in your industry, find journalists and reporters who write blogs and news articles about your industry and ask them what they’d like to write about.  Our database contains over 200,000 podcasts. Podcasters are always looking for interesting topics and exciting conversation partners.

In addition to the journalist database, there is a database of his PR requests from journalists looking for companies, bloggers, and authors to share their articles with. Just find a request that you can fulfill. The database also contains over 300,000 of his Twitter influencers.



Klear is an outreach platform for influencers and bloggers where influencers and businesses looking for promotions and promoters come together.

Their search filters will enable you to find influencers even in any micro niche or location. 

Analysis of each influencer’s engagement and followers is done through this platform using artificial intelligence. 

Phony followers and interactions that are made or paid for by bots can be detected by this.  Such tactics will help you in avoiding influencers augmenting their follower count artificially.

Each influencer profile displays information about their social influence across different social platforms and provides a score based on their impact across all platforms and engagement rates reality.

Klear’s messaging and relationship management tool is Klear Connect.

You’ll have access to a dashboard to send direct messages to influencers, share documents with them, and track all your notifications.



If you are looking for influencers and bloggers. If you’re looking for content ideas and sites for guest blogging, this is also great.

This tool helps you find influencers tool which allows you to find bloggers and influencers on Twitter and Instagram.

You’ll see metrics like follower count, social media engagement rate, page authority/domain authority, and more.

Buzzsumo not only helps you find influencers but also trends her content. This allows you to find content ideas for articles, reach out to bloggers who are writing trending blog posts, and collaborate.

For example, if you find a blog post on a particular topic that is trending and attracts a lot of natural backlinks, consider writing a post on a similar topic.



BuzzStream is an outreach CRM tool that helps you reach influential bloggers and influencers and manage your link-building campaigns.

This service also has a Chrome extension called Buzzmarker.

With these two tools, you can quickly add links, URLs, and search engine results to your lists.

To find quality websites with high link-building value, you can also use the automated prospecting tools that BuzzStream has.  

Using your CRM, you can send personalized emails to your contacts once you have created the list. Templates are also available if you want to save time.

Your email can be scheduled and sent at a specific time. You can also send automatic follow-ups (or remind contacts to follow you).

In your CRM, you can see who has replied to your messages and who needs to be followed up. Employees and team members will have assigned tasks to exchange notes and comments.

This tool also provides detailed open and response rate reports to help you optimize your outreach campaigns and achieve higher conversion rates.



Outreach Crayon is an excellent blogger outreach service. The team is highly competent and employs a results-oriented approach to serving clients. Several websites will publish your guest blog with a link to your website. 

You can choose the domain authority of the website where you publish your guest blog. Outreach Crayon determines word counts for guest blogs based on the authority of the target domain. Infographic outreach services are very similar. But instead of writing guest blogs, Outreach Crayon creates beautiful and informative infographics.

Then, contact sites with your target domain authority and ask for a link in exchange for using your infographic.

Infographic outreach is a great way to build links. You can connect with infographic bloggers and websites via this tool.

Bloggers may be reluctant to publish a blog written in a different style than their own.

You can easily enhance your existing blog posts by adding infographics.



Social Animal is an influencer finder tool that also helps you discover great content ideas to write about.

Using the search tool, you’ll find influential people in your area, including people that have already been sharing content similar to yours.

These people are going to be more likely to share your content if you reach out.

Also, you’ll get a Daily Digest email of influencers who have been talking about topics you cover. Simply enter the keywords you would like Social Animal to track.



GroupHigh can be a comprehensive tool that helps brands find top influencers. They contain various campaigns and appeal to a professional audience. 

Connecting with other audiences and influencers is easy with various reporting, analytics, and automation tools.

Brands even have the privilege of buying posts from different networks of authority influencers with less than three clicks on the platform. 

The filters can be used to narrow down your search. A suitable email template will also be found in the database for one of the influencers or bloggers listed there.

Thousands of bloggers around the world use this user-friendly dashboard with multiple media channel management features – you should consider using the platform too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Why Is Outreach Important For Your Business?

Ans: Any business can depend on outreach services for its visibility and growth. This has become one of the key requirements behind a brand’s recognition, brand visibility, and boosting the revenue of the brand. 

Q2. How Do You Do A Guest Blog Outreach?

Ans: To tailor your outreach messages to precise influencers, you should: Utilize the influencers’ names in your greeting. Explain why their content material reverberated with you – keep away from any standard comments! Introduce your logo and provide an explanation for why you believe you studied and that they had been a brilliant fit.

Q3. How Can Your Business Benefit From A Blogger’s Outreach Service?

Ans: One of the nice approaches to earn backlinks in your niche. 
It can enhance your virtual presence. 
It allows commercial enterprises to faucet into different markets.

Winding It Up: What Is The Best Blogger Outreach Service In The USA?

Therefore, it is important to use the influence of bloggers in the content and social media industries. You will be able to do this with greater success if you use one or more of the aforementioned tools.

The audiences tend to focus solely on content from a selected group of bloggers or influencers. These are the ones who they not only trust but prefer as well.

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