5 Best Ways to Market Your Law Firm Online

by Marketing 15 August 2020

Any legal expert or law firm, which thinks that they can do without online marketing, has the potential to go extinct in some time.

This is because, like most businesses, it is important to leverage technology and digital mediums for success.

Online marketing performance can help law firms get access to new clients, always maintain great leads in the pipeline, and establish themselves as authority leaders in the legal niche.

All this not only helps in generating higher revenues but also adds to branding, credibility, and exposure.

In this article, we look at five ways law firms can market themselves online. If you are a lawyer or belong to a law firm looking to grow your client base, then you should pay attention to this article.

Whether you are an atlanta criminal defense lawyer or a legal financial expert. You need online marketing to succeed.

List of 5 Ways Law Firm can Market themselves Online

1. Concentrate on SEO-


When it comes to industries like the legal field, SEO is highly effective and offers great ROIs on your investment. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and can help your law firm rank for the relevant keywords in the industry niche.

The best SEO strategies cumulatively work together to ensure higher search rankings, better website metrics, increased traffic figures, and overall performance. SEO will help you gain access to new clients, improve your branding, and build the law firm’s reputation.

2. Invest in Personal Branding-

Personal Branding

When it comes to online marketing, lawyers need to invest in personal branding. This means that it is important to highlight your credentials in order to win the faith and trust of someone who would want to hire you.

You need to share your experience, the number of cases you have fought, and how many you have won are important to highlight. Using social media platforms, the firm website, and appearing in different online publications is a great start to improving your personal branding.

3. Appearing in different Webinars and Platforms-

It is important to engage with your audiences and find a platform to demonstrate your expertise. Webinars hosted by third-party platforms, including news outlets are a great way to get exposure and reach out to new clients.

Going for ‘Live Streaming’ can also help you interact with audiences and answer their questions. No one expects you to solve the case on a live streaming session. You can just share some pointers and interested parties can contact the firm directly.

4. Follow a Strong Inbound Marketing Strategy-

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Even though creating and pursuing an Inbound strategy is part of SEO, however, being so important it can be considered as a separate function altogether. The focus is on creating strong content assets on your website, especially the service pages and the blog.

If you are sharing information and education on different legal issues on your website blog, you are allowing customers to reach out to you. Inbound marketing helps build a solid base, improves trust and credibility, and gives rise to long-lasting relationships.

5. Pursuing Social Media aggressively-

Social Media

You might think that a law firm is not a fashion or tech brand, which can hope to be successful on social media. However, you need to think again. A law firm with a strong creative strategy can do wonders on social media.

From investing in Live Q and A’s to running small advertising campaigns every month, social media can help in lead generation, building a steady client base, as well as in improving personal branding. It is essential for a legal firm to have a great and active social media page.

The Final Word

You might think that your law firm is successful now and you do not really feel the need for online marketing. However, you need to realize that most people who are your probable clientele are doing their search online. If you are not present on platforms, where they are looking, you are sure to miss some profitable business opportunities.

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