How To Evaluate Backlink For SEO: Checklist To Follow

by Marketing 21 July 2022


Having do-follow backlinks is still one of the most important ranking factors. However, not all backlinks are equally performant and effective for SEO.

So, what is the need to check the quality of backlinks? To implement a backlink SEO strategy right, you have to conduct such an analysis, including but not limited to domains or backlink profile checks.

Make sure to follow our link-building checklist which can be an example of how to evaluate the backlinks’ effectiveness.

Backlink Evaluation

The main reason why you need to analyze the site that you will use to get a backlink is to get a real effect from it. Sounds too obvious to be true? Still, a lot of website owners still skip this stage of backlink building, being eager to get different links from different domains. 

Getting do-follow backlinks is really a good way to reboot the rating of the site but you should keep in mind that quality will bring more benefits than quantity.

Therefore, site evaluation will determine the quality of the backlink for your site. If you need more information about a backlink profile, you can check out, and we will proceed with our backlink evaluation checklist. 

How to Evaluate Backlink: Checklist To Follow

How to Evaluate Backlink

There are two ways to get high-quality do-follow backlinks. You can do it on your own or get in touch with a dedicated link-building service like Linksmanagement to outsource such a process and avoid most of the risks.

But regardless of the tactic you choose, you have to check your future backlink effectiveness in advance to get high-quality backlinks for your site exclusively.

Below you will find a backlink quality checklist that will be an effective solution in such a case:


  1. Check the Domain
  2. Estimate Traffic 
  3. Check the Backlink Quality 
  4. Define the Niche 
  5. Avoid Guest Posts-Only Websites
  6. Check the Content Quality

1. Check the Domain

The first thing to start with is to analyze the domain authority and trust factor. It is very easy to do this without professional help.

You can use free digital tools that will allow you to do this in a few clicks. As for domain authority, the maximum value is 100. Accordingly, the closer the value is to 100, the higher the level of domain authority.

Why is there a need to check the trust factor? This indicator will allow you to determine whether the site is worth your attention. For example, if according to the first indicator the site has a 20 domain rating, and according to the trust, its rating is 80, then most likely the site receives backlinks from low-quality sites.

2. Estimate Traffic 

The next metric to define is the quality of traffic to the site since getting a backlink from a site with “dead” traffic is not the best idea. For that analysis, such a tool as SEMrush or Arefs is useful. Please note that you can define traffic geo, which may be important in a business context.

3. Check the Backlink Quality 

Another important step is to determine the quality of the backlinks that the website receives. Please note that there is no limit to the quantity, while quality plays a key role. If the site has backlinks from low-quality and irrelevant resources, then this can negatively affect your strategy.

4. Define the Niche 

For a successful link-building strategy, niche sites are a priority. Placing your backlink on a site that writes about cars, the beauty industry, cooking, and technology at once will be a losing option.

In such a case, you will never be able to attract the target audience to your site, so make sure to analyze the resource for a specific niche, since backlinks from such sites will be effective.

5. Avoid Guest Posts-Only Websites

Avoid cooperating with sites that actively accept guest posts since Google has started tracking such sites to provide users with a better experience. Therefore, getting a backlink from a site with a high sponsored content ratio can bring you financial loss and no result.

P.S. The quality sites have a brief mention of such a service as guest post placement. Sometimes, there is no data about such an opportunity, but this doesn’t mean that the site will not cooperate in such a way.

If you want to know about the possibility of cooperation, you need to contact the site owners even without such an announcement.

6. Check the Content Quality

The last point on this checklist is the quality of the content. Today, Google favors sites that generate high-quality content.

Determine the rating of publications, and pay attention to the length of the text. By the way, quality is more important than the article’s volume. It is also worth paying attention to whether such content will attract your target audience.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to a backlink profile evaluation, just use the above checklist. Check each of the indicators steps by step to make sure of your future link performance and effectivity since the key rule for a successful backlink building strategy is to prioritize quality over quantity. 


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