Content Marketing for Small Business Owners: 7 Tips to Follow

by Marketing Published on: 19 June 2018 Last Updated on: 23 November 2023

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There are billions of websites online right now servicing a little over 3 billion people that have access to the internet. That impaction online means it’s becoming harder to get clients.

With the growing competition on the internet, however, has come the birth of online marketing methods all flying under the flag of digital marketing.

One of the most effective digital marketing methods is content marketing.

Content marketing is the act of creating audio files, video, blog posts, graphics and more for promotional purposes online.

If your business is considering jumping into content marketing or has tired it in the past with minimal success, we’re here to help.

Our team has compiled 7 tips to help you maximize your content marketing for small business efforts!

1. Know What You Want :

Content marketing for small business can help you accomplish a wide variety of organizational goals. Just because it can tick a lot of boxes for you though doesn’t mean it should.

The more focused you are on what you want specifically from a content marketing plan, the more likely you’ll be to net a tangible result from your efforts.

With that in mind, ask yourself, “What would be the best possible outcome for my marketing campaign?”

Do you want to drive brand awareness through engagement of any kind? Are you trying to drive sales for a particular product?

Whatever your best-case-scenario may be, you need to make sure that the content you’re putting out is always pushing consumers in some way towards your desired outcome.

2. Set Goals :

Your content marketing shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. You should be able to track your progress against pre-written, specific content marketing goals. This will help you understand if you’re making real progress or if you need to adjust your approach.

If your ultimate goal is brand awareness, you can set sub-goals that include things like shares, comments, and traffic.

If your goals are around sales, set product goals around your content marketing that track through an analytics tool how many sales came as a direct referral from one of your marketing pieces.

3. Publish Consistently :

All marketing efforts require consistency to build traffic. Many small businesses are moved by the rapid success of viral campaigns they hear about. They then get discouraged when their efforts don’t achieve the same end.

Going viral should never be something you should strive for. Unless you already have a massive audience, consistently building viral content is a business model that can’t be supported by repeatable processes.

Steady growth, however, is something that can be achieved. This gets done by publishing content across a variety of channels in a variety of formats consistently.

So put your best content marketing for small business material out there and keep doing it until you see the traction you’re looking for.

4. Don’t Forget About SEO :

SEO should always be a cornerstone of any digital marketing method you pursue. Targeting the words and phrases that matter most to users online ensures some degree of an audience before you’ve even published your piece.

Alternatively, just creating things you want to create in the way you want to create them means you’ll need to rely on luck to network traffic to your content.

In order to figure out what keywords and keyphrases you should build your content marketing for small business materials around, consider working with a marketing agency. Try agencies like SEOClerks or another marketing team you have a pre-existing relationship with.

5. Chase Backlinks :

Google parses over 4 billion searches from users all over the world every day. When it decides which content on the web to connect those searchers to, it weighs a variety of factors

Among them are the number of backlinks your content has.

Backlinks are the number of other websites on the internet who link to your content marketing for small business pieces. The more links you get, the more important Google thinks your content is, the higher it’ll get pushed up in search results.

6. Keep it Simple :

Depending on your audience, you’ll want to make sure that your content marketing pieces are crafted to be an optimal length for them. For most people online, that optimal length tends to be shorter than what most content creators care to acknowledge.

People’s attention spans online are shorter than at any other time in history. What that means is that if you craft a 4000-word marketing piece, you may alienate a large segment of potential readers.

So make your content valuable but try to do it in a way that keeps matters as short and to the point as possible.

7. Recycle :

When you publish a blog post as a content marketing for the small business piece, its life shouldn’t end there. You need to take that blog post and create a video communicating the same information to capture a whole new audience segment.

Recycling content is an excellent way to vastly increase your content marketing pool with minimal effort. Never let a piece die having been produced in a single format for a single platform.

Wrapping Up Content Marketing for Small Business Tips :

If you’re pursuing content marketing for small business as a way to boost your organization, you’ll find that content marketing offers a lot in the way of results and return on investment.

In order to reap the full benefits of your content marketing campaign, we recommend using the tips above. In doing so, with a little patience, you’ll gradually start to see your pieces getting more traction. Consequently, your business goals will move towards completion!

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