The Benefits of using VOIP in Business

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If you ask any business owner what his goals are for his business, he will most definitely say that the growth of the business into a profitable enterprise is the main goal. Next to that, and especially during the recession, would be making sure that money isn’t spent unnecessarily on things that don’t make a profit.

Where does the phone bill fit in?

Obviously, telecommunications are a necessary part of business growth and profit. And without it, one cannot add to your bottom line. However, new technology makes it possible to save a lot on this expense.

VOIP – What is it?


VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is the use of phones on the internet instead of phones using a normal phone line. You still pay for the call, but it is much less than a normal phone line that would charge you. Usually, you pay something like 3 cents per minute for a call to anywhere in the world. This alone can save you up to 60% for national calls and up to 90% for international calls.

In addition to this, you can use your virtual phone numbers and 0800 numbers, which will make for a painless transition. For example, you can use the service Hottelecom.

Using VOIP in your business will give you:

  1. A Windows Based software program so you can do the admin yourself.
  2. It is easy to use
  3. Phone calls to extensions are free
  4. You can make off-site extensions so you can talk to branch offices for free, or a staff member can work from home and have contact with the office for free
  5. calls can be forwarded to staff member mobiles
  6. the network is secure
  7. you can record all calls
  8. It works with Salesforce and most other CRM systems
  9. An average of 60% savings on your phone bill every month, You pay $7.00 per line inline rental fees, you pay only $0.03 per minute in national and international calls, Pay only $0.24 per minute to mobiles and local calls are free
  10. VOIP telecommunications providers usually have an exceptional quality of service
  11. Have everything you need such as call forwarding, voicemail, 3-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding and so much more – for free

The Benefits of using VOIP in your business

  1. You can streamline your workplace as clutter is reduced
  2. You save money on your phone bill which will make for greater profits
  3. Reduce time looking for contacts’ details as a VOIP system will give you a more manageable list of contacts
  4. Productivity will increase as time-wasting activities will cease. Also, the employees may have a headset which will free up their hands
  5. VOIP Services are affordable to implement
  6. The future of telecommunications is here. It is up to you to take advantage of it so that your business may prosper.

There are a lot of VoIP providers providing cheap international calls

international calls

Home users will not generally make such large savings with VoIP as they typically don’t make as many calls. They are not going to make hundreds every day. Large savings can still be made though. This is especially the case if they have family or friends abroad. The main advantage of VoIP, whether for business or home use, is the price savings that can be made.

Features available by most providers may include: using your existing phone number, call waiting, call routing three-way calling, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, instant messenger, prepaid phone cards, mobile phone service, and dedicated fax lines. Some providers may also offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial period to test their products and or service. Many telecommunications companies are looking at the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) which merges Internet technologies with the mobile world, utilizing a pure VoIP infrastructure. Please, follow this link, if you are looking for a business phone solution.

Service providers usually will offer their clients three different ways to use a VoIP service. Phone systems will consist of either the customer’s computer to make their calls, a special VoIP phone issued by the provider, or telephone adapter that interfaces with the customer’s present phone system.

VoIP Call Center Solution – A Cheaper Alternative In A Bad Economy

VoIP business

With the addition of technologies such as WiFi and the 3G in our lives, individuals on the go and smaller businesses can now perfectly integrate VoIP technology into their business plans.

Owners of small businesses and sole proprietorship who can appreciate and then implement the idea of using mobile VoIP with their existing VoIP service should devise the most efficient and cost-effective plan for its implementation.

The planning part before the implementation of a mobile VoIP call center is very crucial as it involves visualizing all the business needs and proposed business processes beforehand. If as a result, the mobile VoIP call center system gets seamlessly integrated with the existing VoIP, this will not only increase employee productivity and motivation but it will also increase the business revenue as now the employees would never miss any sales call even when they are out of the office.

Although it is a fact that a lot of businesses get attracted to VoIP call centers to slash their operating expenses and specifically to their telecommunication expenses, this would come by a surprise to most of the readers that lowering the telecommunication bills is not the end in itself. Instead, the ready connectivity and availability of their employees through the mobile VoIP call center is the real benefit these businesses look for.

Bria for iPhone is an application that is effectively being used by these businesses as it enables their employees to effectively use their existing hosted VoIP service via their iPhones.

Bria allows the employees to receive or make VoIP calls from their iPhone while their official number is displayed to the customer as if they are present in the office and talking from there. Moreover, the mobile VoIP call center means that calls made to and from the business’s mobile VoIP server are always free without the fear of per-minute charging or any roaming charges.

6 Ways To Benefit From Unified Communications

Unified Communications

You may have heard about VoIP, IP telephony and Unified Communications (UC) but what do these really mean for the average business. No matter what size you are, there are significant benefits that include the following and more.

By moving from an old-fashioned telephone system or PBX to UC, you can make immediate cost-savings. If you have more than one site, you can centralize your reception, so that all your calls can be managed by a single team rather than duplicating resources. For multi-site operations you will also save money on call charges because calls between sites will be free. It is not unusual for UC solutions to achieve an ROI within the first 6 months or less.

With UC, workers are no longer location-dependent and can work flexibly from home, whilst on the move or traveling abroad. This is made possible because all your resources including phone and email communications are accessible via your PC. As long as you have sufficient broadband then calls can be made and transferred to you, just like any other office telephone extension. As a result employees can move between different tasks easily, share data, access a conference call, send an instant message, or even take a phone call all in real-time. Holding on to valuable staff is important and with UC it becomes more practical to offer more flexible ways of working.

Think about the recent disruptions that UK business has faced – Snow, volcanic ash, industrial action have all cost the economy millions in terms of lost productivity.

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