10 Things business can outsource through online vendors

by Business Planning Published on: 28 January 2020 Last Updated on: 21 October 2021


Outsourcing some functions is an option that can solve problems of operation in small and medium-sized businesses, boosting their operations, increasing profitability, and generating efficient work processes that will result in an appreciable increase in quality. But what are these activities that small and medium enterprises can outsource?

In this post, we propose some of those activities that small and medium enterprises can outsource. However, the situation of your company may be different, and you may need to hire other types of activities. Therefore, it is advisable to review beforehand the unequivocal symptoms that alert you about the need to outsource activities in your organization.

What areas can be outsourced?

Outsourcing processes for a company in these times is essential when it comes to optimizing resources.

Outsourcing or outsourcing is a concept that has several definitions, such as outsourcing, outsourcing. Roughly this is an economic process in which a company delegates responsibility to an external company that specializes in the matter to carry out certain specific tasks.


The new methods are constantly increasing and companies understand that it is a service that delivers many advantages. Besides, this outsourcing or outsourcing service allows businesses to optimize time, resources and focus on the core of the business. This is also referred to as “Core Business” within the framework of outsourcing a company’s processes, there are several influencing concepts.

i. Administration area

It includes everything concerning access control, security, cleaning, storage, and data control.

ii. Finance area

The control of the finances in a company is fundamental since it handles the income and exits of economic resources.

iii. Personal Resources Area

Human resources in institutions remain fundamental, especially in direct customer service. You can outsource several other items in this area, such as getting business cards online from a vendor.

iv. Information Technology Area

Information technologies are essential for business innovation, software development, and telematics network management. However, they also need outsourcing to some extent.

10 things businesses can outsource

The solution, of course, is not to accommodate less qualified employees. But to train them as per your requirements.  This is a clear signal that the activities that these employees would carry out should be urgently outsourced.

1.  Call center and Salesforce

This service is mainly focused on having qualified personnel to sell services or products, making a “hook” in an attractive way for the client, with the aim of ending the process with an economic transaction.

call center services

Outsourcing companies perform several services within this category. They have commercial specialists in several sectors, with long professional experience. Telephony and fiber optic distributors, “door to door” service, telemarketing, etc.

The Call Center is known for that workspace in which all the calls and requests of the clients of our companies are focused, to offer them a customer service or to dedicate these spaces to the sale of products and services. Besides, this service is demanded to make telemarketing and phone calls for dealers, dental clinics, gyms, etc.

2. Data Capture and Information processing

Digitizing the results of surveys, customer profiles, market research, is necessary, but a costly task that occupies the talent of employees who are more productive in other areas of the company. In other words, you use the men in the wrong place.

In the same line, the digitalization of documents such as forms of requirements, claims, insurance formats, etc., are tasks that require the experience and capacity of a company specialized in such tasks. However, your company is an expert in other areas and should focus on them.

3. Technical maintenance of equipment

technical support outsourcing

Ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment and computer systems of the company requires specialized technical personnel outsourcing in different areas and although when some equipment fails, the assistance of a professional is essential, these incidents do not occur every day in a way that does not justify the cost to maintain an own department internally.

4. Audit, accounting, and finance

Beyond experience, carrying out these activities requires knowledge of the regulations, and laws that govern business activities in this country.

The outsourcing of this activity ensures not only compliance with current regulations but also the independence that these professionals must maintain.

finance outsourcing

The senior management should provide freedom to the junior employees to keep their words on the table.

The outsourcing of services is an activity that companies are demanding for many reasons. The main reason lies in the specialization of work by the Outsourcing Company and the reduction of costs by the requesting company.

We have already created a post in which we talk about the advantages of the Outsourcing service but we will focus on the services that companies can outsource.

5. Public administrations

These organizations also request personnel to carry out various activities, among them, they request administrative services, such as auxiliary library personnel or administrative tasks; concierge and control assistant; home help; sports service; facility cleaning service; school accompaniment; dining room assistant, warehouse waiter, hostesses, lifeguards, reception service, etc.

6. Rent-a-car

Companies take care of the preparation and cleaning of vehicles for rent-a-car companies. We also carry out transfers of these vehicles between cities.

7. Logistics

Warehouse management can be requested by small companies but also by large shopping centers and transport companies. Such companies ensure efficient management of your warehouse and all the microservices. For instance, the services are cleaning warehouses, organization, and control, commissioning, furniture mobilization, etc.

8. Catering

The service that such a company offers mainly related to catering is the transfer of waiters and kitchen. However, sometimes either of them. This service is requested by wedding planners and event companies.

9. Service image

This outsourcing service consists of the transfer of qualified personnel to work and cooperate in their campaigns or events, that is, hostesses and hostesses willing to serve the guests.

10. Cleaning

This service is requested by all those SMEs and large companies that need personnel for the maintenance and cleaning of work facilities.

These have been some of the services that companies can outsource. If your company needs support in a specific area and is not on this list, contact us and we will be able to evaluate your case and offer you a customized budget. Here is a list of activities that can be outsourced.


Many important areas of the business can be outsourced, but they are certain charges that due to their business nature cannot be outsourced such as managers. Depending on the type of company and the sector in charge, some companies will demand one type of service or another. For this reason, Outsourcing companies are responsible for providing the best possible service to our customers, specialized services and performed by experts in the field. Such a company takes care of everything from the search for the solution demanded by the client company to its control and the after-sales service.

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