9 Good Reasons to Outsource Customer Service to a Call Center

by Customer Service Published on: 09 May 2018 Last Updated on: 24 May 2022

A lot of big companies now outsource customer service to call centers because the BPO industry will reach $262.2 billion by 2022.

It’s undeniable that outbound call center services provide a great way of handling your company’s customer service needs since it provides a lot of benefits and professionalism

This is all without the hassle of training in-house employees since most call centers train their employees with your business processes.

Your inbound and outbound calls are some of the most important business tasks you should outsource. If you’re not yet convinced, here are nine reasons for you to start using call centers for your customer service:

1. It Helps You Get a More Positive Impression on Customers:

When you get a reputable call center, you’re putting an assurance to your customers that they’ll receive the best service. Hiring these businesses means getting access to the many talented customer service experts they have. The end result is that your company has a professional representation that follows through and delivers guaranteed customer satisfaction.

This makes your company more desirable to your target customers. Word-of-mouth advertising is great when you give a good consistent customer experience. People with negative experiences with your company will always warn potential customers about it.

2. It Helps You Manage High Call Volumes:

A lot of small to medium businesses find a lot of missed opportunities because they can’t handle the sudden customer volume increase. If you don’t use an outsourced call center, you’re ill-prepared to handle the bigger workload. Most people find getting put on hold irritating, so keep that in mind.

Call centers often come prepared when it comes to handling the varying levels of business volume. It makes it near impossible for your business to suffer work overload. The end result is a higher customer retention rate.

3. It Helps You Use In-House Manpower for Other Projects:

A good majority of larger companies don’t find it efficient to maintain their own staff to answer inbound customer calls. The simple reason is that it hinders their employees from focusing on their other tasks. It results in a major efficiency breakdown where nothing significant gets done.

Getting a call center means you can focus your manpower on other operations. This boosts your company’s productivity and gets you more profit.

4. It Prevents You From Giving Additional Employee Training:

A lot of companies cite employee training as the costliest business expense.

With outsourced customer service, you can save time and money that you’d otherwise use to train employees in this area. After all, the call center will become responsible for training their employees to give your customers the care and support they deserve.

This allows your company to shorten the time needed for your newly hired employees to become capable of working. At the same time, outsourcing a call center increases the amount of time your employees give to accomplish the business-related tasks that will make you money.

5. It Expands Your International Reach:

When your company gets big enough to expand to an international audience, call center outsourcing becomes a need. You must consider the different time zones since it’s vital to maintain your customer’s support.

Getting a call center means that you can provide a good customer experience any time of the day, making it more convenient for them.

Without a call center, providing 24/7 customer support isn’t feasible.

6. It Has a Reliable Quality Control:

Reputable call centers have a lot of KPIs like Average Handle Time and First-Call Resolutions. They use these standards to monitor and manage their performance to satisfy their clients. When you have in-house customer support, these important qualities can be difficult to measure.

If you opt for a call center, you can monitor these KPIs with them. They’ll ensure that their high performance is consistent.

7. It Has the Right Technological Knowledge:

A lot of call centers become big enough to invest in the latest technologies that can accommodate any platforms they choose to serve. A common arsenal of tools a reputable call center includes the following:

  • VoIP
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Web Chat
  • Social Media Platforms

It’s more practical for you to invest in all forms of communication and engagement for your clients through call centers. This includes availing of outsourcing customer service options. This is to ensure that you keep up with the rapid changes in technology that might be too hard for in-house support.

8. It Provides Data Analytics:

When you let call centers handle your support calls, your business learns more about your customers and your business. A good call center has a variety of tools they can use to capture the data from the customer calls.

It allows you to derive insights that can help improve your business process and your relationship with your customers.

9. It’s a Scalable Operation:

Your call center has the ability to adjust their manpower based on your business needs. While your business isn’t receiving a lot of calls, these centers can dedicate idle workers to serving other clients. What this means is that you don’t need to pay them for downtime.

You can leave the call centers to plan ahead when you’re experiencing peak times. They can allocate more workers when you make big business moves like launching an advertising campaign or releasing a new product.

They’re most likely ready to deal with any activity that can boost your business’s customer support call volumes.

Learn More About Outsource Customer Service Today!

There are a lot of other reasons for outsourcing for your customer service needs. It gives you more time to accomplish the more critical tasks that help your business become the best it can be. It frees in-house manpower to help reach your goals and it lets you spend less time training them in the working capacity.

There are a lot of good call centers out there. Choose the ones that give you customer interaction data to know what parts of your business processes need improvements.

Do you need more information about outsourcing customer service options and other business tips? Visit us today to learn more, like how hiring a receptionist grows your business.

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