Musk, Sunak Discuss AI Risks, Call It Most Disruptive Force In History

by Technology 03 November 2023

Musk and Sunak Discuss AI Risks

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, held a discussion on Thursday with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, at the inauguration of the AI Safety Summit and called artificial intelligence as “one of the most disruptive forces in history,” as reported by CNN.

“AI will be a force for good most likely,” Musk mentioned. “But the probability of it going bad is not zero percent.”

Musk and Sunak discussed in an interview-style chat from the stage at the Lancaster House. It is a government venue in central London, which is mainly used for diplomatic purposes. It was much later when the conversation was made available for journalists to ask questions.

The conversation was posted to stream on Elon Musk’s own account on X, the social media platform which was previously known as Twitter, which is now owned by him.

Musk was there throughout the two-day event alongside the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman, and other mentionable politicians and global technical leaders. There were Chinese officials who were also present at this event.

“I’m glad to see at this point that people are taking AI seriously,” Musk told Sunak on Thursday.

“Thanks for this summit. I think it will go down in history as quite important,” as quoted by CNN.

Musk had also unwrapped multiple predictions for artificial intelligence, which included a future where not a single job would not be necessary, and the companionship of AI would become one of the biggest forms of friendship.

Furthermore, on the very first day of this AI event, over 25 countries, along with the European Union had signed the Bletchley Declaration, which made them agree to work together to develop a united approach to oversight in the efforts to be able to deploy AI technology in a very “human-centric, trustworthy and responsible” manner, which would underscore the “potential for serious, even catastrophic, harm” that multiple tech leaders have concerns for.

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