4 Online Marketing Lies: Stay Away from These Lies

by Sales & Marketing 05 October 2016

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a set of powerful tools used for promoting products and services. Learn to know about 4 Online Marketing Lies and why you need to stay Away from These Lies.

  “The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine”:- Abraham Lincoln

Online marketing is a set of powerful tools and methods used for promoting products and services via the help of the internet. The low cost and flexibility of this field have taken online marketing to greater heights. But the darker side of online marketing is built upon a foundation of lies. On reading this article most of you might think OMG! I’ve been fooled all this time. This is more like an education other than a negative review. We lie. It’s just biological. And it’s been even proved that even a child less than 2 years lie to be excused from punishment or some similar situation.If I say the thing I just said was a lie, would you believe? This is where marketing takes its hike. People tend to believe whatever that’s been said on the internet. If a brand name goes with it then nobody doesn’t even bother to check the truth behind it. For example, We conducted a social experiment with a watch. We showed a regular digital watch to random people and told then this is an upcoming product of Orange(not the real name). We were amused by how people believed that hurtless lie. They even began to praise the product too. Finally, as we told them it would cost around 34k they were like its definitely worth 34k. See how blind are me made by marketing and a brand name.

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Marketers are trained to lie and how to lie well too. They will go to the very extent just to sell their product. If everything they say is true, why do you think there are negative reviews? It’ll take a while to know that you have been fooled and by the time you find it would be too late. There are countless examples of companies making tons of money just with bold-faced lies. Lies usually start out with a little bit of embellishment, then before you know it your marketing copy basically becomes a hotchpotch of lies – after all, they do work. Most of the companies do this to earn a few thousand buck a lot more easier. The problem I’ve struck with the ethical concept is that many Internet marketers believe that something is ethical if they can get away with it. Ethics is an area where a person’s moral values are different – but legally, lying simply can see your business slapped with a heavy fine  and your online reputation is ruined, plus people leave their online reviews about their bad experience with your company. Here are a few most common lies we have heard from online marketeers.

1. You don’t need money to get started:

moneyI really pity people who fall for this. What did you really think? A smile is going to do the work for you? Ha Ha.All business need capital. Even if small or big it does need capital to start with. To be simple, it takes money to make money. It’s true that you can succeed online without a lot of money, but think about this, to get a domain name it takes money to host your site. A site designer won’t come around without a pocket full of money. Never believe if anyone who offers business saying you don’t need to have money to start with us.

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2. We are 100% efficient:

Not even a machine has 100% efficiency till now. Then how could the person who made it has a cent percent efficiency. These are just utter lies just to attract your attention. These are often said by every company in the whole world. And we all do believe them and that includes me too. Every phone company says their phone is unique. But have you ever thought how would the phone be unique when a less branded company has already the same configuration and features of the proposed phone?

3. Best Results:

Hard work pays off with flying colors! Many marketers imply that you would definitely get the best results for your product no matter how unlikely it actually is. The benefit or outcome you get entirely depend on the amount of effort you put into making the product. But still 99% of the marketers’ claims that you will get 100% results for the product. This is a bit tricky too, because you won’t have any means to find at how much percent you are in right now. There are no shortcuts to success. Shed your blood and you’ll be rewarded with rubies!

4. The Terms and Conditions:

This is a place where we get often fooled.’Terms and Condition’.They only say the things we need to know. But once we experience, the fault and try to contact them, they throw out the ‘terms and condition’ way of things. Take the case of the new vibe in town ‘Jio’.Have they ever told you using Jio can lock your phone to Jio network for the long run? They only show what everyone needs to know, the unlimited 4G. We usually don’t even bother to read them as we do get a booklet of those. And they intend to make them bigger too.


Not all marketers lie. Only some prefer to try for earning a few bucks more easier and faster. Most of the big names don’t even try to scam people. They follow ‘ethical marketing’ methods. Because best online marketing companies value the trust of the customers more than money. Now there are many ways to kick the scam out of companies too. This site allows each and everyone to write their experience with the companies and rate them accordingly. Just trust your gut. Success will find its way to you!

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