The Difference Between Sales Engagement and Sales Enablement

by Sales & Marketing Published on: 21 June 2019 Last Updated on: 15 December 2022

Sales Engagement and Sales Enablement

As a new sales rep, there’s a lot to know and a number of skills to master, all of which are essential to making a successful career out of sales. With the advancement of technology, new technical terminology has been introduced to describe new sales strategies that weren’t possible or difficult to accomplish before.

Two very important sales strategies you should be aware of include sales enablement and sales engagement. If you’re new to sales, then keep reading to find out more about the difference between sales engagement vs sales enablement and why these strategies should matter to you.

Sales Engagement – Effective Customer Communication:

The driving force behind sales engagement is the idea that when you engage and connect with customers, you can build trust with them and have a higher chance of making a sale. Trust is essential to sales, because how else will you convince a customer to invest time and money into your product or services if they don’t believe that you can meet their needs and expectations?

In order to build trust with customers, it’s important to improve engagement with them, which is why there are customer engagement platforms that are designed to aid sales professionals in reaching and creating effective communication with potential customers.

These platforms bridge the gap between marketing automation tools and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Where marketing automation helps you generate leads, sales engagement solutions, with tools like sales content management, integrated communication features, and guided selling tools, will help sales development reps (SDRs) start conversations to further qualify those potential buyers. Sales engagement platforms make it easier for SDRs to engage one-on-one with leads effectively, follow up persistently and set appointments for leads to having conversations with account executives (AE)… Sales qualified leads that are ready for AE follow-up, move into CRM, the system for managing relationships with potential and existing customers.

Sales Enablement – The Right Tools for the Job:

The purpose of sales enablement is to give sales reps the tools and resources they need in order to do their job. Sales enablement involves a number of different factors, which include:

  • Recruitment strategies to hire the right people
  • Providing training, coaching, and motivation
  • Equipping sales teams with technology that will make their jobs easier
  • Assessing and measuring the performance of individuals and sales strategies

Sales enablement platforms bridge the gap between marketing and sales by offering the above resources and tools that allow sales reps to carry out marketing strategies to engage and convert prospects.

And while it may seem like these tools are internally focused, they are really designed to increase the overall satisfaction of the customer experience. By equipping sales reps with the right tools, they are better able to provide quality experiences for leads and customers alike. Check out Allego’s Sales Enablement tool at

Use Both to Your Advantage:

Sales engagement and sales enablement are two sides of the same coin, and both are essential ingredients to make effective sales. Sales teams need to be able to reach customers and interact with them using a tool kit that has prepared them to effectively engage and convert leads.

By using a sales engagement solution and creating a sales enablement platform, sales teams will see more success than other teams that fail to consider these essential sales strategies.

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