5 Key Marketing Ideas For Law Firms To Implement In 2019

by Marketing Published on: 26 February 2019 Last Updated on: 22 August 2023

marketing ideas for law firms

In need of game-changing marketing ideas for law firms? Law firm marketing isn’t as difficult as it seems. Having a little inside knowledge of details will change your marketing game.

We’re going to let you in on the top five marketing things to focus on in 2019.

1. Make Your Company Accessible 24/7…Yep, We Said It—It’s Possible, and Here’s How...

Having a person to chat with could drive more clicks than you think. Setting up a virtual receptionist to answer chats can change your business. Give your clients the information they’re seeking through engagement.

People want fast, accurate answers, having contact is irreplaceable! Keep the chat option open on your landing page like Hankey Law Office for the best results.

2. Are You Up-To-Date with SEO?

Yes, SEO matters for every website online. Is your blog bringing in traffic and driving clicks? If not, then you should consider consulting with an SEO expert about SEO tips and tricks.

It might be a simple shift like using keywords to score higher and transform readability.

3. Testimonials

When purchasing a product, people always turn to reviews to see how a product performs. Reviews can make or break your business, and it’s important to engage with them. The key here is to react the right way, and not engage negative comments with aggression or defense.

Thank your customers for positive testimonials, and feature them on your landing page. This improves credibility and exhibits your skill.

4. Showing Proof of past Services and Wins

Much like having testimonials of happy customers, showing your success is important. Telling your customers isn’t enough; they need the evidence. Documenting your wins will help your business.

People like to see what they’re paying for. You might have a total average of how much you have helped clients win in their cases. This is also a good place to mention any awards you have.

Include the success you’ve had with unique and original business strategies.

5. Marketing Ideas for Law Firms That Work!

Do what works for your company. If you notice you have more engagement on social media, then pursue connections there. There is no rhyme or reason to marketing, so definitely “feel out” where you have the most success.

Listen to your clients to keep them coming back, and show you’re a caring company. You can also engage with clients using social media, or through blog posts. Keep the conversations going, and communications open.

That way you know what to change to deliver better services in the future.

Pushing the Limits on Your Business

Marketing ideas for law firms don’t stop here! There are thousands of ideas you can put in place to improve your business presence online and off. Dabble with social media or visit promotional events.

The list goes on, but how you navigate the business terrain will determine your success. Do it the right way the first time ’round with our insider expertise. Visit our startup blogs to dip your toes in quick knowledge.

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