5 Surprising Ways an Online Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business

by Marketing Published on: 26 April 2018 Last Updated on: 27 August 2020

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With the average small business set to spend $75,000 on digital marketing this year, more companies are wrestling with how to trim their budgets.

As the need for digital marketing grows, an online marketing consultant can help work within your budget and make sure your efforts to meet your goals.

Online marketing requires an understanding not only of your audience but also of what they expect online. People expect to be sold in different ways online than they are in traditional media.

While televisions commercials are a perfectly normal way to interrupt content on TV, using that tactic online could cost you, customers.

Even if you understand how digital marketing works, it’s always good to call in a pro.

Here are 5 ways that a marketing consultant can help your business no matter which industry you’re in.

1. They Can Help You With Corporate Branding :

Between your website, social media presence, business directories, and email, you need to have a consistent brand. One of the biggest mistakes companies of all ages and sizes make is to have different logos, fonts, or colors across different channels.

In order to get your clients to remember you, you need to hit them over the head with your brand’s logo and style.

In addition to visual style, you need to have a style guide regarding how you communicate. There has to be language that matches what your audience expects on each channel. Deploying a technical marketing strategy for Snapchat or Twitter will only overwhelm and confuse your audience.

You need to speak with an online marketing consultant to make sure your language fits the standards of the medium you’re marketing on.

2. They Know The Future :

An online marketing consultant isn’t a psychic or a prognosticator but they know what’s going on in the digital marketing industry.

With their knowledge of where things are headed and how your company can take advantage of trends, they can put you ahead of your competitors.

With each new device that’s released, there is a new set of standards introduced to the marketing world. Every new technology brings with it a new example of how to reach your audience.

For example, a few years ago, no one would have predicted the popularity of an augmented reality application like Pokemon Go.

All of a sudden, a new world of integrated GPS, camera, and branded content has found a way into peoples’ lives. As more users get comfortable with AR, you’ll find more companies will take advantage of what AR can do.

By microtargeting your audience using a popular app, you could be marketing to the ideal client every single time. Rather than the shotgun approach where you can only hope for a return, you can make a stronger connection by targeting users when they’re near you.

3. They Can Track Your Analytics :

It’s never been easier to get so much data about your clients and how they communicate with you online. There are hundreds of apps that can serve you with analytics on how each deployment has done.

Without an online marketing consultant who knows how to make heads or tails of this data, it’s more or less useless.

Having a lot of data and not knowing what it means is like having hundreds of spices and no recipes. Either way, you don’t want to end up starving.

Modern software can take a look at how your clients find your site, how many of them open your emails, and who is finding you on social media. Knowing that data, consultants can then help you to create a strategy that works on your strengths and eliminates your weaknesses.

Over time, you’ll come to understand who your ideal audience is, who is opening your emails, and what you have to say to capture their attention. You can let your data inform your strategy, with your consultant helping you to decipher all of that information.

4. They Know Content Marketing :

When people are running a search online, they’re looking for one of two things: a specific product or an answer to a question.

Content marketing is a new way for companies to straddle both concepts simultaneously.

One of the best ways to engage your audience is to create a blog. A blog offers you the unique opportunity to share how your products can enrich the lives of your customers. It also allows you to improve your search engine rankings by constantly creating new content.

Search engines rank websites based on keywords, brand reputation, how often the sites are updated, and how often other people link to them. Creating new content via a blog is a way to hit all of these marks at the same time.

You can use keywords in your title, show people you know what you’re talking about, and get them to post on social media.

As the video will comprise more than 80% of web traffic in the coming years, you should be doing more content marketing with video. Your online marketing consultant can help you to script and to format these videos for the best results.

5. They Have Fresh Ideas :

It’s hard for any business owner to be critical of their own business. It’s easy for them to become stuck in a pattern of behavior that leads to wasted energy.

An online marketing consultant can ensure that you’re always getting the most out of any deployment. Because they’ve got their ear to the ground in the marketing world, they know what the hottest trends are and which ones to avoid.

Every business owner can benefit from an outside opinion. If you want to know how consultants are helping small businesses, check out the work of Kybotech to learn more.

An Online Marketing Consultant Adds Value :

Hiring an online marketing consultant can ensure that you’re not wasting valuable management time learning new tricks.

While it’s important to know the basics of online marketing, you should hire a professional like you would for any other element of your business. They can be honest with you and stop you before you waste any time or effort.

If you’re looking to pair up with an online marketing professional, check out our guide on what to look for in a digital marketing agency.

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