Tips for How Graphic Designers Can Boost Your Restaurant

by Advertising Published on: 11 February 2019 Last Updated on: 16 March 2020

Restaurants have never been more popular than they are now. Past generations mostly cooked at home, and regarded going out to eat as a rare treat. Young people today view it differently.

But if you own a restaurant, it’s not enough to serve good food at a reasonable price. Excellent branding is required. Here are some great tips for ways that a graphic designer can help your restaurant thrive.

Design What Customers See First

In the past, a savvy restaurant owner was mindful of the restaurant’s ambiance. Today, diners often begin their encounter with the restaurant before they even walk into the physical location.

They may read a website with user reviews, round-ups of the best restaurants in the area, or your actual website. If you want to put your best digital foot forward, you should get digital design help for success to ensure your website has all the modern features and branding restaurant patrons have come to expect. Working with a design firm is easy—they receive client input at every step, and you can speak directly with the art director and designers themselves.

It’s not enough to supply the raw information on your site, like the menu. The restaurant’s branding is often what makes a potential customer decide where to eat. You need graphic design help to create this for your digital platforms, whether it’s the site itself or your social media.

Seriously Stylish Signage

The digital branding has to carry over when people who see the website are actually in the restaurant itself. Sandwich boards on the sidewalk outside, canopy signs, and interior décor elements inside the restaurant are all great and important opportunities to exhibit your branding. When someone who researched your restaurant online sees your signage, they’ll feel an important sense of continuity.

In an immediate and practical sense, the graphical link between abstract and physical tells them they’re definitely in the right location. But what it really tells them is this restaurant is modern and savvy and cares about all aspects of a diner’s experience.

Signal Subtext with Your Menu

The menu’s physical appearance can reveal much about the identity of your restaurant. Are the pages thick, and bound in leather? Is it just a stark, basic print out presented on a clipboard?

The menu doesn’t just inform a patron about what food is available and how much it costs, it says a lot about the nature of the restaurant itself. The decision about what the menu will look like will stem from the graphic design choices of the overall restaurant. The odds have you entered this business because you have a passion and talent for food, not for design—make sure you get professional help when you need it.

Owning a restaurant has never been easy—there’s more than enough difficulty surrounding ensuring that the food tastes good. The last thing you need is something else to worry about, so obtain professional graphic designers to give your restaurant the boost it needs today.

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