Cover yourself up – How fence wraps can help your business advertise

by Advertising 24 July 2019

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There was an old movie that caricatured America, poking fun at how often and how much we are advertised to. Driving down the highway you see all sorts of billboards and signs groping for your attention, hoping to encourage you to stop at this or that restaurant or stay at this or that hotel. When you drive through the city, you’ll see all sorts of ads plastered up on big screens trying to get your eyes for just a few seconds, hoping to get you to part with a little bit of your money at some indeterminate point in the future. The same can be said walking down the sidewalk, as countless businesses peddle their wares in their shop windows and on street corners.

Why you should explore Non-Traditional forms of Advertising:

Some dystopian films have even taken it to the extreme, worrying about “smart” technology or implants that add a digital element to humans’ sight and hearing. Soon, they think, this will be co-opted by companies in order to advertise to us. While we thankfully are not at that point yet, marketers worry that we have in fact reached what they call “advertising saturation”. The average American will see literally thousands of ads every day. Quite simply, even if they wanted to there is just not enough time in one day to pay attention to all of them. Instead, advertisers are trying to get cleverer and find new and creative ways of advertising that are much more memorable. That way, when we see their ads they will stick with us and we won’t be able to forget!

Explore Advertising through Fence Wraps:

One place we often don’t see advertisements is on fences. Usually, these little dividing lines are left unadorned. After all, they are see-through for a reason. Still, some companies are starting to see value in having a fence wrap, giving them a platform to say something to their intended audience in a medium that is underutilized. These fence scrim, as some people call it, allows them to convert an otherwise non-usable platform into a miniature billboard.

How a Fence Wrap can be an Affordable Advertising Solution:

Of course, there are a few traditional uses for this kind of advertising that you have probably seen before. For instance, imagine going to a sporting event. Chances are, down by the players on the field the fence is covered in ads for different athletic brands and beers. Or imagine a construction site, building the city’s next high-rise. Chances are the workers want a little bit of privacy for their work behind the fence. It makes sense for it to be covered then, so why not allow the company to put up an advertisement. Oftentimes they will tell you the name of the building they are creating, what it will be for, and have some images of what it will look like once completed. The construction company usually puts their own name on the fence wraps as well, picking up whatever publicity they can.

If you have a fence and want to let the world know what is going on, even if you’ve just purchased a vacant building and plan on starting your business empire there, a fence screen is a great option for you. It is worth looking into today!

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