5 Handyman Advertising Tips To Help Grow Your Business

by Marketing Published on: 17 May 2018 Last Updated on: 08 December 2018

Advertising Tips

There’s no wrong time to get into the handyman business. There’s always a need for them because, eventually, everyone needs something repaired.

Beyond residential services, a handyman can perform services for schools, hospitals, hotels, and more. Plus, the pay is steady and good – averaging around $40,000 a year.

While business is good, you still need to work on bringing in customers. That’s why we’ve put together a list of five great tips for handyman advertising. Keep reading to learn how to boost your business!

1. Start With Friends And Family :

Have a handyman startup or just getting into the handyman business? You’re going to start from scratch and build up your reputation.

Word of mouth is invaluable to a business that’s been around for a while. This is especially true for a startup!

How valuable is it? A whopping 92% of people trust their friends’ and families’ recommendations over any form of advertising.

Do repairs for your friends and family and have them spread the word about your hard work!

2. Be Visible :

An easy form of handyman advertising involves visibility. This might cost you a bit at the beginning, but you’d be surprised how much it pays off.

Wear shirts with your logo in your colors. If your community allows it, plant a sign in your yard (and maybe a friend’s yard). Get magnetic signs for your car.

You can find companies that print shirts and signs for cheap – do your research!

3. Look For Free Handyman Advertising :

Whether you’re contracted at the local big name college or doing AC repair in Dubai, you can always benefit from free advertising.

How can you advertise for free? It’s simple – sign up for services like Google My Business or Yelp to start turning up in people’s online searches.

Make sure your business info is consistent across all sites and there is up to date contact info so people can easily reach you.

4. Be Social :

Social media is inescapable these days. While it can be intimidating, it’s to your benefit to have some sort of online presence on social media.

Starting with on a site like Facebook advertising is easy and gives you a lot of advantages. You can post recommendations, pictures of your work, and have all of your info in one spot.

Don’t forget to answer all reviews – even negative ones. Remember what we said about word of mouth!

Even if you feel you’re not that personable, you can build your people skills on social media and wow potential customers.

5. Establish Credibility :

Once you’ve got the momentum going, you’ll need to keep your business visible and cement your credibility.

Creating a website with a blog is one way to get started. It takes a bit of effort but it’s worth it.

Here’s a great out-of-the-box idea for handyman advertising: offer to write a small article for your local chamber of Commerce’s newsletter. People will see you as a knowledgeable source.

Boost Your Handyman Business!

With these five tips in your toolbox, you’re ready to boost your handyman advertising efforts.

Looking for more ways to up your marketing game? Keep checking our blog for the latest and greatest marketing and advertising information!

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